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幸福的英文句子 幸福愛情說說英文短句 .希望每一天醒來,你都躺在我身邊。I hope to wake up every day, you are lying next to me.


1.希望每一天醒來,你都躺在我身邊。I hope to wake up every day, you are lying next to me.

2.想牽你的手,一起到一個叫永遠的地方,看天長地久的風景,嘗海枯石爛的味道。 I want to hold your hand, go to a place called forever, look at the scenery that lasts forever, and taste the smell of sea and stone.

3.最甜蜜的事,就是在喜歡你的每一天裡,被你喜歡。The sweetest thing is that you like it every day you like you.

4.我是幸福的,因為我愛,因為我有愛。I am happy because I love because I have love.

5.我要和你牽著手一起走到與世界分手的那個時刻。I want to walk with you and walk to the moment of breaking up with the world.

6.對你何止一句喜歡,對你何止一句鐘意。It’s more than a favorite for you.

7.隻想讓這樣的美好,永遠地留在心裡,並且永遠延續下去。I just want to make this kind of beauty, stay in my heart forever, and continue forever.

8.你不是最好的,但是有你,卻比什麼都好。 You are not the best, but with you, it is better than anything.

9.我知道有一種愛情,叫做與你白頭,有一種幸福,叫做和你相伴。I know that there is a kind of love, called a whitehead with you, there is a kind of happiness, called to accompany you.

10.從見到你的第一眼起,我的眸子裡,就全是清澈的你。From the first sight of seeing you, my nephew is all clear.

11.愛情最美好的狀態,就是一輩子!The best state of love is a lifetime!


12.全天下都可以是你的,但你隻能是我的。All the world can be yours, but you can only be mine.

13.整個世界,我最愛的地方就是你的左右。 The whole world, my favorite place is yours.

14.我聞見你的味道,像是摻瞭薄荷的酒,明明該清醒,卻隻是聞一聞便醉瞭。I smelled your taste, like a wine mixed with mint, obviously awake, but just smelled it and got drunk.

15.如果我是貓,九條命裡都想和你過。If I am a cat, I want to live with you in nine lives.

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