Forget today will be forgotten tomorrow。


Opportunity knocks but once。


Regardless of the twists and turns, but at the end。


Manners make human co-existence of golden key。


No more like ignorance than rashly。 – Oscar Wilde

6、The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.世界上對勇氣的最大考驗是忍受失敗而不喪失信心。

7、 I think success has no rules, but you can learn a lot from failure. 我認為成功沒有定律,但你可從失敗中學到很多東西.

8、Only they who fulfill their duties in everyday matters will fulfill them on great occasions.隻有在日常生活中盡責的人才會在重大時刻盡責。

9、The shortest way to do many things is to only one thing at a time.做許多事情的捷徑就是一次隻做一件事。

10、Sow nothing, reap nothing.春不播,秋不收。

11、There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.成功沒有訣竅,它是籌備,苦幹以及在失敗中汲取教訓的結果。

12、Life would be too smooth if it had no rubs in it.生活若無波折險阻,就會過於平淡無奇。

13、Few things are impossible in themselves; and it is often for want of will, rather than of means, that man fails to succeed.事情很少有根本做不成的;其所以做不成,與其說是條件不夠,不如說是由於決心不夠。

14、Genius only means hard-working all one's life.天才隻意味著終身不懈地努力。

15、Life is but a hard and tortuous journey.人生無坦途,生命即是一段艱難曲折的旅程。

16、 Great works are performed not by strengh, but by perseverance.完成偉大的事業不在於體力,而在於堅韌不拔的毅力。

17、I have nothing to offer but blood, boil, tears and sweat.我能奉獻的沒有其它,隻有熱血、辛勞、眼淚與汗水。

18、Constant dripping wears away the stone.鍥而不舍,金石可鏤。

19、The first blow is half the battle.良好的開端是成功的一半。

20、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say 'impossible '.凡是決心取得勝利的人是從來不說'不可能的'。

21、Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people.困難坎坷是人們的生活教科書。

22、There is no such thing as a great talent without great will – power. — Balzac沒有偉大的意志力,便沒有雄才大略。 — 巴爾紮克


To learn to swim, you must be in the water。


Life is a challenge, meet it。


Time is speed, time means strength。


Thought correctly, life unbeaten。