Everyone is a moon, there is always a dark side, never let people see.




  Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as you please.




  People who come up with new methods, before his new method think, people always say he is.




  Life is alive, we must be good at the situation, million can not be a waste of time, do not worry.




  His appearance and look like a big grey spider, pleased with oneself looked at a net bug on his misfortune.




  All creatures in the world, most people only when human cruelty can inflict pain when indulging in the fun.




  Wrinkles should just leave a smile on the mark.




  Human beings have a really effective weapon, that is to laugh.




  Before the dream is how happy, but the reality is so terrible.




  Kindness is a deaf can hear and the blind can see the language.




  A young man if you believe he future will surely become an immortal literary home, his heart will naturally feel very comfort: it can be said that is life is sweet, but the moment. This ambition is indeed very noble, but unfortunately, the foundation is often too unreliable.




  Whenever you find yourself standing on the side with most people, you should stop and reflect.




  Trying to in this story for motive will be prosecuted; trying to from looking for meaning in them will be banished; try to find plot will be shot.




  In order to practice first, God made idiots. Then he made the education committee.




  When a man reads the Bible, his knowledge of God is less than what he does not know.




  Time flies, life is short, don’t waste time arguing, apology, sad and blame on. A time to love, even for a moment, don’t live up to.




  Every person’s life there are two kinds of time should not be speculative Adventure: first, he has a cost of speculation, the two is that he can not afford to do.




  Man is the only animal: he loves his neighbor as much as he loves himself, but if there is a problem with religious theology, he will cut his throat.




  A great wealth for the person unaccustomed to it, is a poison, it invades the flesh and bone of his morals.




  Kindness is a universal language, it can make the blind deaf feel, smell.




  Our own use of the vocabulary, in fact, not from our own. Our own nothing more than just according to our temper character environmental education and social relations and do some modification. Just a little change, so that it is different from other people’s expression, the unique style of our brand, as it is our own things. All other things are some old stuff, is thousands of years for several hundred years, generations of people said the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions.


  22、你們卑鄙的人類就是這樣 老是扯謊,老是自以為具有那些實在不具備的美德,卻否認那些較高等動物具有它們。野獸從來沒有幹過一樁殘酷的事情 這是有道德的動物的專利。一隻野獸叫旁的東西受痛苦是出於無意的,這就沒什麼不對,因為對它來說,根本就漢有 不對 的事情,它叫旁的東西受苦痛,並不是出於高興 隻有人才這麼幹。這就是受了人那種亂七八糟的道德心的鼓舞。


  You mean the human is such — always tells a lie, always think with those who really do not have the virtue, but denied that the higher animals have their. The beast has never done a cruel thing – it is a patent of a moral animal. Suffering a beast called the next thing is for the intention of, this is not what is wrong, because it simply Han have something wrong , it is next to what suffer pain and not for pleasure — only people used to do that. This is the moral heart of the people who were inspired by the mess.




  All fragile things, the most vulnerable is not used in the fire test of morality.


  24、道德是一種獲得 如同音樂,如同外國語,如同虔誠撲克和癱瘓 沒有人生來就擁有道德。


  Morality is a kind of acquisition, like music, as a foreign language, like a devout poker and paralysis, which has no life.


  25、我打四十歲以後,就寢和起床時間就一直很有規律 這是一件很重要的事。我還立了一條規則:在沒有人陪伴時上床;我還立下了一條規則:在不得不起床時起床。這樣就形成了一條不可動搖的沒有規律的規律。這條規律使我延年益壽,卻會傷害他人。


  When I was forty years old, it was a very important thing to go to bed and get up. I also made a rule: when no one went to bed; I also made a rule: when you have to get up. This creates a unshakable law of. This rule makes my life, it will hurt others.




  Davies’s book is not in the upper class society of America. But as long as you wear a wetsuit pe, pe, has the potential to densely populated areas, the one that forever drudge, next to act the role ofing hungry, see the light of day of area, you will found million copies of his books. People who have this market, money is the hair set, bread and butter is firmly in hand, because these people will never discard it.




  If you know how to use it, money is a good servant, and if you do not know how to use it, it will become your master.


  28、許多年輕人通過一個笨拙的 粗制濫造的謊言使自己受到了永久的傷害,這是不完善的教育所造成的輕率行為。有些權威人士主張年輕人根本不應說謊。當然,這話說得有點不必要地過頭;然而,盡管我不會走得那麼遠,我卻主張 而且我認為我是對的 年輕人必須克制自己,不去使用這項異乎尋常的技藝。


  Many young people through a clumsy, shoddy lies make their own by the permanent damage, which is imperfect education caused by the reckless actions. Some pundits claim that young people should not lie at all. Of course, saying it is not necessary to head; however, although I would not go that far. My opinion is — and I think I am right, young people have to restRain myself, not to use the extraordinary skill.




  Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he does not show people.


  30、有兩種基督教道德,一種是私德,一種是公德。這兩種道德如此不同,如此不相幹,以致彼此之間像大天使和政客一樣毫無關系。一年中美國公民有三百六十三天恪守基督教公德,使國傢的完美性質保持純潔無瑕;然後,在餘下的兩天,他把基督教私德留在傢裡 竭盡全力去破壞和毀滅他整整一年的忠實而正當的工作。


  There are two kinds of Christian morality, is a private, is a kind of morality. These two kinds of morals are so different that they are so different that they have no relation to each other as big as an angel or a politician. A year in the United States citizens has 363 days with Christian morality, to keep immaculate perfect nation nature; then, in the remaining two days, he put Christian private morality at home… Go all out to destroy and destroy his faithful and proper work for a whole year.




  Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which people don’t want to see.




  Truth is stranger than fiction.




  In the face of death despair, human nature is thoroughly exposed in front of everyone. The bloody scenes of the people who eat, naked display of the human animal side, it is a reflection of.




  When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your bRain.




  A fly landed in front of him on the seat back, it from calm content, rubbing his hands, stretched out his arm to embrace a head, desperately hard friction that its head almost seems to be to body and separation, like a piece of thread like neck exposed, you can see clearly; it used fiddle with the hind wings, the wings to gently touch, as if that were the coat tails. It easygoing old there doing the full set of comb dress of Kung Fu, seems to be knowing that their absolute safety in general.




  Abandoned reason will be affected by emotional domination and vulnerable feelings flooding unmanageable, like a boat accidentally sailed into the deep sea, find the anchorages.


  37、當掉那把劍吧,他又想到這是與自己的榮譽分手,他可以少穿一些衣服 是的,可是如果那樣的衣服也賣得掉的話,那麼疾病也可以很容易地找到買主了。


  When the sword out, he thought this is breaking up with their honor, he can wear less clothes — yes, but if that kind of clothes also sell off, then the disease can also easily find a buyer.


  38、他的指甲看不出多少黑人的血統,那隻有很少一點 可是這也足夠把他的靈魂塗黑了。


  His nails see little black blood, that only a little — but it is enough to put his blackened soul.




  Friendship is a kind of language, the deaf and blind people can feel.




  Man is the only animal that can blush, or that is the only animal that needs to be flushed.




  Travel with someone is the best way to find out whether you like it or not.




  It is easier to fool others than to believe that they have been fooled.