every law has no atom of stregth, as far as no public opinion supports it. (wendell phillips, american leader against slavery)
若是沒有公眾輿論的支持,法律是絲毫沒有力量的。(美國廢奴運動領袖 菲力普斯 w)

good order is the foundation of all things. (e.burke, btritish statesman)
良好的秩序是一切的基礎。(英國政治傢 伯克 e)

guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie. (lawence durrell, british writer)
犯罪總是以懲罰相補償;隻有處罰才能使犯罪得到償還。(英國作傢 達雷爾 l)

i disapprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it. (voltaire, frech writer)
我不同意你說的話,但是我願意誓死捍衛你說話的權利。(法國作傢 伏爾泰)

if there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers. (charles dickens, british novelist)
倘若世上沒有壞人,也就不會有好的律師。(英國小說傢 狄更斯 c)
friendship is love without his wings. (george gordon byron, bdritish poet)
友誼是沒有羽翼的愛。(英國詩人 拜倫.g,g)

gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. (albert einstein, american scientist)

the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. (burke edmund, british statesman)
權力越大,濫用職權的危險就越大。(英國政治傢 埃德蒙.b.)

the greatest of evils and the worst of crims is poverty. (george bernard shaw, british dramatist)
最大的惡和最兇的罪是貧窮。(英國劇作傢 肖伯納.g.)

the paramount duty of congress is to stop deficiencies by the restoration of that protective legislation which has always been the firmst prop of the treasury. (william mckinley, american president)
國會的最高職責是恢復始終是國傢財政最堅實支柱的保護性立法,以制止財政赤字。(美國總統 科金利.w.)

if we only had some god in the country’s laws, instead of beng in such a sweat to get him into the constitution, it would be better all around. (mark twain, american writer)
如果我們國傢的法律中隻有某種神靈,而不是殫精竭慮將神靈揉進憲法,總體上來說,法律就會更好。(美國作傢 馬克·吐溫)

in nature there are no rewards or punishments; there are consequences. (horaclannexley vachell, british writer)
自然界中沒有獎賞和懲罰,隻有因果報應。(英國作傢 瓦謝爾 h a)

absence to love is what wind is to fire. it extinguishes the small; it inflames the great. (roger de bussy-rabutin, french writer)
離別之於愛情好比風之於火,它能將小火熄滅,使大火熊熊燃燒。(法國作傢 比西-拉比旦.r.)

every man is a poet when he is in love. (plato ancient creek philosopher)
每個戀愛中的人都是詩人。(古希臘哲學傢 柏拉圖)

first love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity. (george bernard shaw)
初戀就是一點點笨拙外加許許多多好奇。(英國劇作傢 肖伯納.g)

friendship is like earthenware: once broken, it can be mended; love is like a mirror: once broken, that ends it. (josh billings. american humorist)
友誼就像陶器,破瞭可以修補;愛情好比鏡子,一旦打破就難重圓。(美國幽默作傢 比林斯 .j.)


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