ambition never dies until there is no way out. 不到黃河心不死。
a merry heart goes all the way. 生性樂天,終身受用。
a middle course is the safest. 中庸之道最保險。
a miserly father makes a prodigal son. 愛錢如命的父親生個兒子揮金如土。
a miss is as good as a mile. 失之毫厘,差之千裡。
a moneyless man goes fast through the market. 一個沒錢的人很快穿過市場。
among the blind the one-eyed man is king. 山中無老虎,猴子稱霸王。
a mother’s love never changes. 母愛永恒。
an artist lives everywhere. 藝人處處可安傢。
an ass endures his burden but not more than his burden. 驢子能負重,但不堪超過力之所及。
a near friend is better than a far-dwelling kinsman. 遠親不如近鄰。
an empty hand is no lure for a hawk. 空手誘不來老鷹。
an empty purse frightens many friends. 曩中無分文,親友不上門。
an empty sack cannot stand upright. 空麻袋,立不直。
an enemy’s mouth seldom speaks well. 狗嘴裡吐不出象牙。

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