簡單英語學習 it isn’t much. 這是微不足道的。

1.can i have a word with you? 我能跟你談一談嗎? 
2.cath me later. 過會兒再來找我。 
3.come in and make yourself at home. 請進,別客氣。 
4.could i have the bill,please? 請把賬單給我好嗎? 
5.could you drop me off at the airport? 你能載我到飛機場嗎? 
6.could you speak slower? 你能說得慢一點嗎? 
7.could you take a picture for me? 你能幫我拍照嗎? 
8.did you enjoy your flight? 你的飛行旅途愉快嗎? 
9.did you have a good day today? 你今天過得好嗎? 
10.did you have a nice holiday? 你假期過得愉快嗎? 
11.if i were in your shoes.如果我站在你的立場上。 that ok? 這樣可以嗎? this seat taken? 這位子有人坐嗎? all depends. 視情形而定。 can happen to anyone. 這事可能發生在任何人身上。 doesn’t make any difference. 都一樣。 doesn’t matter to me. 這對我來說無所謂。 doesn’t work. 它出故障瞭。 drives me crazy. 他使我快要發瘋瞭。 isn’t much. 這是微不足道的。 really comes in handy. 有瞭它真是方便。 slipped my mind. 我不留神忘瞭。 takes time. 這需要時間。 will come to me. 我會想起來的。 will do you good. 這會對你有好處。 won’t happen again. 下不為例。 won’t take much time. 不會發很多時間的。 won’t work. 行不通。’s a deal. 一言為定。’s a long story. 真是一言難盡。’s a nice day today. 今天天氣很好。’s a once in a lifetime chance. 這是一生難得的機會。’s a pain in the neck. 這真是苦不堪言。’s a piece of cake. 這很容易。’s a small world. 這世界真小。’s a waste of time. 這是浪費時間。’s nice meeting you. 很高興認識你。 
38.i’ve had enough. 我已經吃飽瞭。

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