activity is the only road to knowledge . (george bernard shaw , british dramatist)

行動是通往知識的唯一道路 。 (英國劇作傢 肖伯納. g.)

a free man obtains knowledge from many sources 1 besides books . (thomas jefferson , american president)

一個自由的人除瞭從書本上獲取知識外,還可以從許多別的來源獲得知識。(美國總統 傑斐遜 . t.)

a great part to the information i have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way. (adams franklin , american humorist )

我的大部分知識都是這樣獲得的:在尋找某個資料時意外的發現瞭另上的資料。(美國幽默作傢 富蘭克林. a.)

if a man empties his purse into his head , no man can take it away from him , an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest . (benjamin franklin , american president )

傾已所有追求知識,沒有人能奪走它;向知識投資,收益最佳。(美國總統 富蘭克林. b.)

imagination is more important than knowledge .(albert einstein , american scientist )

想象力比知識更為重要。 (美國科學傢 愛因斯坦. a. )

knowledge is power . (francis bacon , british philosopher )

知識就是力量。 (英國哲學傢 培根. f.)

the empty vessels make the greatest sound . (william shakespeare , british dramatist )

滿瓶不響,半瓶咣當。 (英國劇作傢 莎士比亞. w.)

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