1. zhongxin no one, can not stand the world. (yi)

2. yu jin-induced cause, to raise gas seeking work (lu)

3. not based on the past to prepare for the future. (burke)

4. ashamed to learn to know, to know not to fine art. 

5. real fast, not only do things faster, but successful and effective people (bacon)

6. tongue identified, five internal organs of the actual tactics; as the tongue coating, inspection of liu yin qian shen. (modern cao bingzhang, “identification guide to identify tongue tongue general”)

7.’s doctor for, in full body examination. (xu ling-child, “illnesses shen made hay drug”)

8. the more the more steep mountain road close to capacity. 

9. everyone has the opportunity, but many people do not know if they come across it. (anonymous)

10. a person is living in the surrounding environment to create the success of the resistance 

11. fortunately, half of the other half of the people to rely on intelligence, diligence in order to start, thrifty to enrichment, in order to treat sincere, self’s office. 

12. the party’s task is all the work of state organs to carry out the overall leadership, rather than as currently conducted as frequently over the … … is often interfere in the details (lenin)

13.’s well-being of families are all alike; but unfortunately the family vary (leo tolstoy)

14.’s not going to change human brain does not change people’s brain to go (taiwan long-plant training hongyi group)

15. i know how slowly, even if the fool can write a bad ad; however, point to come up with good things, it really needs a genius. (leo burnett)

16. rather than the week gentleman, rather than bad weeks. ( “the analects of confucius as a political”) makes the world go round. (charles dickens)

18. do not wait for the opportunity to send a gift, is the fate of the conquered. (arnold)

19. the cause was strong, not because it renduoshizhong, but because it’s behind there is a strong character 

20. kujinganlai. (shakespeare)

21.’s great joy from the work of the united states to pay respect to the (democritus)

22. was a medical student from “typhoid fever” before the start and subsequently easy to difficult, from the classification of future generations if it easy to book early to start following the disaster are having. (chi-ching lu nine, “world vegetarian up medical book”)

23. science is the eternal and make unremitting efforts to seek, on its scientific capacity, it is not depleted, its objectives, it is always the unattainable. (feng card seoul)

24. the loss of humility that would undermine our sense; self-righteous, so that we can move forward zaigen dou. (leo burnett)

25. true in word and resolute deed. (confucius)

26. fundus mountains and rivers, have a good idea of the cause (song li tan)

27. more work, time to force 

28. with unusual courage in order to establish the cause of the unusual  共2頁,當前第1頁12

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