1. timid of heart over time and the disappearance of the disappeared (aeschylus)

2. engage in scientific work to the lives of all people, the eight-hour work system will not work. (zhu xian)

3. we need to keep the truth repeatedly said that because of the error was also repeated in the propaganda, and not individual people but there are a large number of people publicity. (goethe)

4. everything extraordinary things to create the kind of divine spirit is always straightforward with the times and creativity of young people linked. (goethe)

5. hengmeilengdui a thousand pointing fingers, be content to be a willing ox bow. (lu)

6. any genius can not be alone in the state of development. 

7. the truth is that there is the pinnacle of justice in practice is to use the truth. (emerson)

8. legitimate use of time! you have to understand what, not traveling. (goethe)

9. only those who never think about people who use their brains in order to be more than happy to go on days off! (lemont)

10. take away all the time, all year long will your name, appearance, personality, to change the fate of all. (plato)

11. we have to explore the truth, in all cases, the truth was the highest happy. (santayana)

12.’s not good use of time, always first did not have time to complain because he has spent time in the dress, eat, sleep and chat, to consider what to do, but do nothing. (la bruyere)

13. juvenile hard life, lazy time to the mo-inch gong. ((don) duxun he)

14. unfortunately, there are three gentlemen: this is not health, a pity; on the free, the second is a pity; the one who defeated third is a pity. ( “history of ming”)

15. jun leila see people who are unwilling to its easy. ((don) du fu)

16. as a gold engrave each is precious every second is precious. 

17. if you know the time perishable and precious treasure, not to make unnecessary sad, and toward their own cause to be done, especially the youth not to abuse the clock, then we can arbitrarily say that the future is bound to be successful . (nie er)

18. time should be allocated a precision so that every year, month, day, hour, and it has a special mission. (comenius)

19. time to ease the extreme grief 

20. the most that can not afford to waste time. (samuel ting)

21. if you are a waste of his age, it is very sad. because you can only sustained a bit of their youth – a very short period of time a little. (oscar wilde)

22. f without the united states and evil, see rugong envy; without disabilities yin xiao, see korea has become. ((chinese) sima qian)

23. fallacy greater the truth, the greater the victory. (schiller)

24. the closer we get to the truth and the truth will be found even more fascinating. (latin america hartley)

25. tianxiaweigong. (dr. sun yat-sen)

26. time is the world’s achievements in all of the soil. time for the suffering of those who dream, to the creator of the well-being. (mckinsey)

27. time is the best doctor ( collection)

28. and so on time, is a waste of time people ( collection) 共2頁,當前第1頁12

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