由於是,所以給出中文翻譯..1. who’s the great goal of the times, and his life has been dedicated to the human struggle and brother, who is immortal …… (涅克拉索夫)

2. to give the most needy area is not material wealth, it exists in the field of human-specific. (fromm)

3. even though the world’s treasure and honor for me, i do not want to leave my country. because even if my country in disgrace, i was like, love, bless my country! (petofi)

4. the success or failure of this one ( collection)

5. not for the mediocre and health (seneca)

6. i think that only human beings in the next heartfelt thanks to the birth of the heart to serve, is the most beautiful things on earth. (musha saneatsu-de-sac)

7. you can not expect the same great and is comfortable. (barry)

8. they do not care about the success or failure of li dun, who predator was reported to the motherland. (qiu jin)

9. public opinion for the day. (shuzhai)

10. used to be a giant cable – every day for a one-line knot in the end we finally broke it can not. (mainz)

11. this is the general peace, not allowed to see peace, general. ((song) daoyuan release)

12. i am the son of the chinese people, i deeply love my motherland and my people. (deng xiaoping)

13. gou li countries, but not wealth.

14. taibai received light night vision, yu si serve the country without the battlefield! (lu)

15. patriotism and again against the enemy by using multiplication, is the only way of patriotism in order to guide the victory. (ostrovsky)

16. to die for the motherland, it is the fate of the most beautiful ah! (dumas)

17. into a gentleman, the villain retire, and love people of shen gong. ((song) fan chunren)

18. chun can i, it is necessary to eat mulberry leaves silking, even on guoli zhu, also died wire constantly, in order to give tim a little human warmth. (ba jin)

19. a few flies a few bites, the detention must not be a heroic gallop. (voltaire)

20. patriotism is based on interests, in dade. (anonymous)

21. people are the most, followed by state, the king. ( meng ke)

22. how forces of the great patriotism of you! in the face of it, people love the study of health, fear of hard feelings, it suandeshime! in the face of it, people can be themselves, what is it! (chernyshevsky)

23. in the dusk of life, unfortunately, a generation of people trying to feel around: some people have died in the struggle; some people fall into the abyss; all kinds of opportunity, hope and hatred have an impact on those people who are restraint bias; in the darkness of the mud walk on the road also gives the lighting light of those people, each holding the head of the fire although no one recognized his value, but he is always quietly working with live, and then disappeared like a shadow like. (purus)

24. ming basket case when no, no guangsha disposable timber. ((tang), according to xue)

25. their minds filled with only its own, this is exactly the kind of people the most empty person. (lermontov)

26. green leaves in no way jealous of flowers, and beautiful flowers for the ground to work with ken. (anonymous)

27. hard to grow up in success, often because of the psychological shadow of the cause of the abnormal deviations. this bias is to the community, people have always hated the kind of hostility do not believe that any one person, a different situation to anybody. love of life, such as money qian lin, or the abnormal psychological phenomenon of secondary importance. on the other hand, there are devices, knowledgeable people, although difficult to grow up tough, but more compassionate and generous-minded embrace of the good justice. life because he knows that the world stand by the situation. (nan huai-chin) 共2頁,當前第1頁12

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