1. to be proud of the work, rather than the beautiful lian daner 

2. in order to generate innovative ideas, you must have: (1) the necessary knowledge; (2) not afraid of failure, fear of making mistakes attitude; (3) dedicated and profound insight. (sweeney)

3. injustice and the rich, i was like floating clouds. ((chinese) sima qian)

4. class gentleman in a proper way, into the darkroom and bu qi. (luo)

5. dared to conquer the death of a hero, life will always be a pioneer. 

6. can be the cause of the test, can also bring people 

7. negligible gold but unfortunately, a solid disabilities are hard to come by. (nai-yin)

8. make any thing of value to be how to pay the high price to pay for a whole life! 

9. optimist from the disaster to see every opportunity, and the pessimism from every opportunity to see the disaster. (anonymous)

10. digestion is to eat a standard; ability to do is the work of the scale 

11. innovation is sometimes necessary to leave often take the road into the forest, you will surely find something unprecedented. u.s. scientists〗 〖bell (bell)

12. a person’s thinking not of stagnation, when he was sober, he headed to work non-stop, just keep the beat pulse, he could not stop thinking of any of the (marco aurelius)

13. everything is money. (jing yan)

14. ─ ─ innovation and the creation of a new world of real mystery is: first of all, innovation is an innovator by the quality and innovative ideas are composed of operational mechanism, it is an innovator in innovator into the quality of ideas, by the innovator of innovative ideas into the behavior of complex processes. (lang jiaming)

15. whether a person be going, no matter whatever the cause, he will return to refer to the nature of the road (goethe)

16. do not drop because of a niumao, he drained a pot of butter; do a little wrong because they had been convicted, they throw away the cause of his life 

17. accumulate plot to the plot of that base, also made by gradually;-jusan of that person, as only those who have not often. (ming zhang jingyue “jing yue quan shu-mo card accumulation of miscellaneous”)

18. enterprises can not rely on a smart boss, the high trees often cuncaobusheng, business operators are determined by talent. 

19. the secret of successful marriage is: a disaster as a small incident and not a small incident should be seen as a major disaster (harold nicolson)

20. my purpose has always been a gradual development of sound, not rely on the sensational profits, and do not slump in the market, all of a sudden there is a threat in cash flow. (bao)

21. hard-working rich are the same age-old truth. no matter when the boss or the apprentice, like to go to bo, it is necessary to fight. a task to me, no matter how difficult, i have to do it. i am interested in is the biggest, hard-working, i was the source of entrepreneurship. ([chinese] shaoliang)


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