1. patriotism and again against the enemy by using multiplication up – is the only way of patriotism in order to guide the victory. (ostrovsky)

2. to conceal the affairs of inverness, inverness-to-deposit harm the heart, it is very useful for the country to avoid suisi inverness. (lu)

3. poor, white and plain living, that we be able to overcome many difficulties revolutionary. (fang zhimin)

4. health and kill, ziranzhili. ((song) su shi)

5. silence more than words, then social benefit. 

6. beneficial to those who love the country, the victims were evil in the country. (yan ying)

7. collinson heart a stone needle, not to guide refused to leave. ((song) wen)

8. if a person for other people’s life and the law of the sake of humanity. even though he is struggling for his life, and in a great deal of pressure, will not be any return. (churchill)

9. taixu also noble spirit, loyalty according to ancient and modern. not just during his lifetime, and to stay up later. ((ming) yang jisheng)

10. i were you, my country! all of you, my heart that this soul of this; if i do not love you, my country, i love to which person? (petofi)

11. however, what has refused to give up worthy of poverty, and ke sheng-ming zaozhao matter. ((song) lu)

12. revolution has yet to succeed, the comrades still have to work hard. (dr. sun yat-sen)

13. bugan wang wei bei concerned about. (lu)

14. health and deserve, it is better to die a well-deserved. ((qing) home shen yun)

15. yanzhao northern taiwan to build gold, four-hero to a better life. (tang)

16. would be willing to send mountains and rivers of blood and tears, to take up in both hands onto a dongshan soil. ((song) li qingzhao)

17. rise and fall of the country, every man is responsible for. (jing yan)

18. sala such a good idea of light wind on ji. (huang tingjian)

19. vagrants do ning, wang guonu misconduct. 

20. as life story. is not important in how long, but how good. (seneca)

21. health and listening rape, arbitrary ren alone. ((chinese) yang zou)

22. ju-hyun selfless, people do not suspect. ( “book of history”)

23. we must now maintain a full party discipline, otherwise everything will fall into sludge. (marxism)

24. smoke fear to forget the past, the bottom of my heart selfless world wide. (tao zhu)

of 25. gongqing party zongze row, with no warp and woof yue fei. ((song) lu)

26. official in a person, not many members. ((don) li shimin)

27. the world’s first and worry about the latter enjoy. (fan zhongyan)

28. imminent naked sword only laugh, who took office in the sky mad. ((next) with zhang chang)

29. only contempt for the human spirit to all restrictions, like the last letter it successful, it will be the searchlights to shine in the dark in the distance. (rabindranath tagore)

30. out of the study, do know, so that the prosperity of the country from foreign aggression, self-sufficient in above the earth. (zhan tianyou)

31. the unity of the working class workers is the most important prerequisite for victory. (marxism)

32. no official decisions for the people, it is better to go home to sell sweet potato. ((the chinese are everywhere to buy the sweet potato) word play) 共2頁,當前第1頁12

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