at the very first day at harvard, a very professor quoted aristotle, "the law is reason free from passion!" well,no offence to aristotle,but in my three years at harvard.i have come to find: passion is the key ingredient to the study and practice of law, and of life. it was for passion, courage of conviction, strong sense of self that we take our next step into the world. rembering the first impressions are not always correct, you must always have faith in people, and most importantly you must always have faith in yourself.

在到哈弗的第一天,一位特別的教授指出亞裡士多德的話:法律是不容許含有激情的。我不是對亞裡士多德的不敬,但是我在哈弗的三年裡,我發現:激情是學好法律和實踐的關鍵,也包括人生。也是擁有激情,勇氣和強烈的自我意識,去進入社會。 記住,第一印象不一定總是對的,你必須一致保持自信,在人們之中保持自信,最重要的是,對你自己有信心。

“there’s no place like home.” the wizard of oz, 1939.“沒有任何地方可以像傢一樣。”——《綠野仙蹤》(1939年)

“toto, i’ve got a feeling we’re not in kansas anymore.” the wizard of oz, 1939 .托托,我有一種感覺我們再也回不瞭傢瞭。”——《綠野仙蹤》(1939年) 朱迪?加蘭在《綠野仙蹤》中扮演的少女多羅茜對她的小狗托托說的這句話成瞭後來人們對無法回到鼎盛時期的感嘆。

“i am big! it’s the pictures that got small.” sunset blvd., 1950 . “我很大!是畫面太小瞭。”——《日落大道》(1950年)

7.“all right, mr. de mille, i’m ready for my close-up.” sunset blvd., 1950 .“好瞭,德米勒先生,我為特寫鏡頭做好準備瞭。”——《日落大道》(1950年)

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