1. the cause of justice and be able to have a firm belief in the tremendous power (up fuller)

2. to be honest and down-to-earth, people who do not retreat. (feng meng-long)

3.’s the first hard blow, the success of the war is a watershed (cole smith)

4. each life must be down to a specific cause, to live in each of the last people who should have their own life obligations. (hemingway)

5. to a simple, it is necessary to make a deep memory, attention should be happy to see interesting people. (leo burnett)

6. is there any way to make this the only book knowledge of the real intellectuals who changed it? the only way is to enable them to participate in the actual work to become practitioners, so that those who engaged in theoretical work, to study the important practical problems (mao zedong)

7. god the charm hidden in a difficult cause, only to have the courage of the personnel aware of the difficulties involved in this charming

8. to solve the problem, the system also requires careful investigation and research, which is the analysis of the process. questions that conflict where the (mao zedong)

9.’s health also straight, straight is the heart are straight, towering site. (wang wenlu)

10. a really good creative, practical and realistic than that of the yanshan road will be more interested in moving to the more than satisfy the sweet talk. (leo burnett)

11. good at identifying and seize the opportunity is of paramount importance. in the great cause of all, people start to do things as before, as thousands of eyes can examine the timing, and going on to senju, as god as to seize the opportunity. (bacon)

12. a real man to act, when the yo lei lei, such as jiao ran sun. ( “book of jin contained in schleswig”)

13. should not be the pursuit of happiness of all types, should be a noble pursuit of happiness (democritus)

14. does not enjoy the good fortune to come, do not have the luck to take the blame. (cervantes)

15. action is a good medicine to cure fear, hesitation and delay will continue to nourish fear.

16. into the cause of regular in the tough, and destroyed impatient for

17. zhuangxin, not years, with all the old, dead can still ghost-hung. (lu)

18. to beautify the collective discipline. (makarenko)

19. just some of the great advantages of talent and can not create heroes, but also there is accompanied by luck. (la fuke)

20. we must first know cure disease, then you know disease drug. (qing yu jia made the “moral of grass after the disease first proposed that drugs”)

21. i forgot to lose a hundred worry, i lose a hundred qiao cheng. (gu r.)

22. who would want to own the success of his later years, it is necessary to start with young people from the

23. autumn cold spring cover, disease-free pain-free.

24. kam showed chiaki turtle rise and fall, virtue and never for david. ((qing), zhang ying-doo)

25. no one dares to quiet it is not the cause of a bright career 共4頁,當前第1頁1234

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