13.god shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death. neither shall there be sorrow or dying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former world has passed away.  


   10.we’re women. our choices are never easy.

  我們是女人,我們的選擇從來就不易。 jump, i jump.

  (another touching sentence)

  12.will you give us a chance to live? 



  1.outwardly, i was everything a well-brought up girl should be. inside, i was screaming.


  2.we’re the luckiest sons-of-bitches in the world.


  3.there is nothing i couldn’t give you, there is nothing i would deny you, if you would not deny me. open you’re heart to me. 

  如果你不違背我,你要什麼我就能給你什麼,你要什麼都可以.把你 的心交給我吧.

  4.what the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband.


  5.remember, they love money, so just pretend like you own a goldmine and you’re in the club. 


  6.all life is a game of luck. 


  7.i love waking up in the morning and not knowing what’s going to happen, or who i’m going to meet, where i’m going to wind up. 


  8.i figure life is a gift and i don’t intend on wasting it. you never know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. you learn to take life as it comes at you. 我覺得生命是一份禮物,我不想浪費它,你不會知道下一手牌會是什麼,要學會接受生活。 make each day count.



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