1. frequently to learn, you know what. the more you know, the more you have the strength. (gorky)

2. there are two types of people in work and simply unnecessary effort: one is the accumulation of wealth without the use of people, and the other is learned rather than on the application of science. (saadi)

3. jun mo will advise cooking oil, with the children and grandchildren to stay the night reading. ( “zengguangxianwen”)

4. is a knowledge network. to be a knot of a knot together, there is not much of the hole in order to net the “big fish.” (san mao)

5. there is a beacon, is the light of wisdom ( collection)

6. fu cheng road, in school and in the possession of books into the school in the poor waste zhen while. ((chinese) wang fu)

7. classical novels have been together five thousand volumes, the mexican branch 30 feet. ((qing) general tso)

8. to sit with their terms, it is better to qier xing. ((next) anonymous)

9. a good book is the most precious treasures (belinsky)

10. there is a chinese old saying: “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” words for the people’s practice is the truth, the truth is epistemology. to leave the practice of awareness is impossible. (mao zedong)

11. stuffing the memory of law, knowledge of the boat. ((qing) zhang)

12. reading of the dead victims of their own books, one on the opening harm other people. (lu)

13. book a golden house, yan jade own book, the book thousands of its own su zhong, liang seek rice’s own book. ( collection)

14. heart is not clear to see, do not do not to chi-gong (lin owe)

15. afraid of a little time, i am afraid that in mind is not strong (xu teli)

16.’s study are: to observe, more hardship, and more research. (jiafei lao)

17. there are a wide family of martial law, the family i enron. ((next) near the river lu)

18. book – this is the generation of another generation of spiritual teachings, which is dying of old people just beginning life on the advice of young people, this is going to rest on the guard who came to take over his positions were on sentry duty orders (herzen)

19. xue know enough expertise in handling industry. ((don) han yu)

20. book is inseparable from the lives of young couples and mentor. (gorky)

21. for the school, as the boat up the sheung shui,’s not a slowdown. ((song) zhu xi)

22. successful scientists are often interested in a wide range of people. their original intention may be learned from them. lead to diversification of fresh point of view, and too long a narrow field of study, it is stupid easy. (beveridge)

23. know how to make the best use of their smart, and that is wisdom. (oscar wilde)

24. productive labor and education reform is a combination of early modern society, one of the most powerful means of (marxist)

25.’s weak and short-term impact, the impact of the book are extensive and far-reaching (pushkin)

26. book is a great human wisdom ( collection)

27. all you have to know that some of the subjects, but some subjects you want to know all of them. (miriam quarter yuri) 共2頁,當前第1頁12

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