1. shinya to world music, books all day long in the case. ((song) ouyang xiu)

2. it should be noted that detailed study, not sloppy, as this will gradually learn, explore, to find the objective law. (xu teli)

3. is a good thought, if not implemented, and the same dream. (emerson)

4. talent to work, talent and creation are carried out. (schumann)

5. to break the conventional point to the path of wisdom palace (black)

6.溫故而知新, you can say for the division (confucius)

7. people will always want to learn. death, is a graduate of time. (hsiao chu f)

8.’s learned, the interrogation, the deliberative extensively, the atsuyuki. ( “the book of rites”)

9. wisdom is always better than strength ( collection)

10. mathematical knowledge for us, not only because of its value, he is a powerful tool and, as well as their math is the perfect place. mathematics in the internal or external to start, we have seen the most purely logical thinking, as well as the most senior intelligence to reflect the vitality and aesthetics. thinking of economic principles in mathematics has been a high level of play. mathematics is the science in the development of a high degree of the highest form of a science, the natural door disciplines are frequent recourse to it. (mach, e)

11. knowledge is not land on the water, hand-social available; but deep in the thick soil and rock under the kennedy qingquan, the only people who have the courage to drilling, she can taste it. (new motto)

12.’s great works rather than by force, but insisted on the complete. (johnson)

13. ignorance is proud of alias. (english proverb)

14. as long as willing to learn, we will be able society. (lenin)

15. read more and more without thinking, and you will feel you know a lot; but when you read and think more, and you will see more clearly, you also have to know very little. (voltaire)

16. to know and learn, and then only be able to. ((warring states) kuang)

17. the best you can handle things independently, which will get you self-confidence. 

18. interested in is the best teacher. (albert einstein)

19. to study hard and work hard so that more youth luster. (wang guangmei)

20. because the wisdom of the over-used and much of the damage, not only because most of the rust. (bao wuwei)

21. drainage asked so clear that many, in order to have a source for (chu)

22. to the intake of nutrients necessary for people to eat more and more people are healthier, and likewise, the real scholars are often not in a lot of books, but read the book useful people (aristide)

23. troubles did not sigh ai xiao qiang, written in the learning bit by bit. (tao zhu)

24. labor in reading, writing in the plaza. ((million)-end ceremony)

25. where people talk and inspired by the weather and the like, and i like to play carpenter gold jewelry chains as well work, a small ring very appropriate to connect. (heine)

26. wisdom holds the key to 3, a number of open, an open letter, an open note. knowledge, thinking, in which the illusion. (hugo)


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