a burnt child dreads the fire. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩。
a candle lights others and consumes itself. 蠟燭焚自身,光亮照別人。
a cat may look at a king. 貓也有權晉見國王。
a cat has nine lives. 貓有九條命。
accidents will happen. 天有不測風雲。
a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. 鏈條的堅固程度取決於它最薄弱的環節。
a change of work is as good as a rest. 調換一下工作是很好的休息。
a cheerful wife is the joy of life. 快樂的妻子是生活的樂事。
a clean hand wants no washing. 身正不怕影子斜。
a clear conscience is a soft pillow. 問心無愧,高枕無憂。
a clear conscience is a sure card. 光明磊落,勝券在握。
a clear conscience laughs at false accusations. 白日不做虧心事,夜半敲門心不驚。
a clear fast is better than a dirty breakfast. 寧為清貧,不為濁富。
a close mouth catches no flies. 病從口入,禍從口出。
a cock is valiant on his own dunghill. 夜郎自大。
a common danger causes common action. 同仇敵愾。
a constant guest is never welcome. 久住非佳賓,常來不歡迎。
a contented mind is perpetual feast. 知足常樂。
a covetous man is good to none but worse to himself. 貪婪的人對別人毫無好處,對自己卻壞處更大。
a crafty knave needs no broker. 狡猾的流氓,不需居間人。
a creaking door hangs long on its hinges. 戶樞不蠹。

a bad beginning makes a bad ending. 惡其始者必惡其終。
a bad bush is better than the open field. 有勝於無。
a bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 吃虧的和解也比勝訴強。
a bad conscience is a snake in one’s heart. 做賊心虛。
a bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept. 壞習慣像鮮餡餅,分食要比保存好。
a bad padlock invites a picklock. 開門揖盜。
a bad penny always turns up.
a bad thing never dies. 壞事傳千年。
a bad workman quarrels with his tools. 拙匠常怨工具差(人笨怨刀鈍)。
a bargain is a bargain. 達成的協議不可撕毀。
a beggar’s purse is bottomless. 乞丐的錢袋是無底洞。
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 雙鳥在林不如一鳥在手。
a bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk. 聞其歌知其鳥,聽其言知其人。
a bird may be known by its song. 什麼鳥唱什麼歌。
a bit in the morning is better than nothing all day. 略有勝於全無。
a blind man who leans against a wall imagines that it’s the boundary of the world. 坐井觀天。
a blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass. 秋波送盲,白費癡情。
a book is the same today as it always was and it will never change. 一本好書今天如此,將來也如此,永不改變。
a book that remains shut is but a block. 有書閉卷不閱讀,無異是一塊木頭。
a borrowed cloak does not keep one warm. 借來的鬥篷不暖身。
absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. 相聚愛益切,離別情更深。
a burden of one’s choice is not felt. 自己選的擔子不嫌重。

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