as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. 偷大偷小都是賊。
as worms are bred in a stagnant pool, so are evil thoughts in idleness. 蟲蛆在死水中孵化,邪念在懶惰中養成。
as you brew, so must you drink. 自搬石頭自壓腳。
as you make your bed so you must lie on it. 自食其果。
as you sow you shall mow. 種瓜得瓜,種豆得豆。
at night, all cats are grey. 貓在夜晚皆灰色(醜妍暗中難分辨)。
a tall tree catches the wind. 樹大招風。
avarice increases with wealth. 越富越貪。
a wanderer who is determined to reach his destination does not fear the rain. 決心趕到目的地,浪漢何懼雨來淋。
a watched pot is long in boiling. 心急水不沸。
a wicked book is the wickeder because it cannot repent. 一本壞書危害無窮。
a wilful man will have his way. 有志者是竟成。
a wise head makes a close mouth. 智者寡言。
a wise man cares not for what he cannot have. 智者不作非凡之想。
a wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. 智者通權達變,愚者剛愎自用。
a wise man needs not blush for changing his purpose. 智者不恥於改變初衷。
a wise man thinks all that he says, a fool says all that he thinks. 智者思其所言,愚者言其所思。
a wise man will make tools of what comes to hand. 聰明的人能隨機應變。
a woman’s work is never at an end. 婦女的活計做不完。
a word is enough to the wise. 對明智者一言已足。
a word spoken is an arrow let fly. 一言既出,駟馬難追。
a word spoken is past recalling. 一言既出,駟馬難追。
a work ill done must be twice done. 未做好的活,需要重新做。
a young man married is a man that’s marred.男子早婚,種下禍根。
a tattler is worse than a thief. 搬弄是非者,惡劣甚於賊。
a thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber. 偷多偷少都是賊。
a thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf. 賊瞭解賊,正如狼瞭解狼。
a thing is bigger for being shared. 插手人一多,事態就擴大。
a thousand friends are few, one enemy is too many. 朋友千人尚覺少,仇敵一人猶嫌多。
a thousand probabilities do not make one truth. 一千個“或有”不能造成一個事實。
a thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed. 千言萬語不如一個行動。
a threatened blow is seldom given. 虛張聲勢,嚇唬而已。
at open doors dogs come in. 狗從開著的門中進來。
a tree is known by its fruit. 觀其行而知其人。
a true friend is known in the day of adversity. 疾風知勁草,患難知友情。
a true friend is one soul in two bodies. 真正的朋友好似兩個身子長著一顆心。
a true jest is no jest. 真正的笑話不是笑話。
a true man and a thief think not the same. 君子和竊賊的思想不同。
a useful trade is a mine of gold. 一樣有用的手藝是取之不盡的財富。
a valiant man’s look is more than a coward’s sword. 勇士的神色勝過懦夫的刀劍。
avarice blinds our eyes. 財迷心竅。 

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