i believe, as when electric power. – about it
a person unless they have confidence, confidence can not be brought to others; have convinced those who can only be convincing. – matthew arnold

value of confidence, the confidence generated enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is to conquer the world. – walter h柯亭el honest eloquent part of capacity; we very much because of his sincere and convinced of others. – william litas

lucky is a great teacher, but unfortunately, even more great. will have the connivance of thought, but the lack of trained and able to strengthen the ideological. – william litas

each gifted generation, must be the product of passion. – benjamin

to have self-confidence, and then go all out – if such a concept, anything can see that most of them successful … wilson

einstein —— self-confidence is the first step to success "

to believe in yourself and then others will believe you. – romain rolland

the weak, or tend to the decline of people’s daily needs of poor faith of god … … but their hearts have the sun and the lives of people in addition to other than their own, it is necessary to go to find my faith?

the value of faith, i am afraid it is better than the value of truth! truth is not love, but faith has a heart of a loving mother, scientific desire for us is cold, and the belief we are comforted

working people to build their own confidence in the strength of reason

each person has a few feelings of the spirit of the pillars of the parents, on the belief of the ideal, of friends of the pillars of love and affection. either a broken heart to be the

not enough to rely on people to survive only on their own. – napoleon

self-confidence is the first secret of success. – ralph waldo emerson

deep to see their own hearts, and then find that all the miracles in your own. – bacon

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