building on the suffering of other people in the well-being is not a true well-being.
  isinbayeva apapa
the most meaningful life, age is not the largest live, but most of the life experience.
fortunately, not without many fears and worries; bad luck is also not without a lot of comfort and hope.
after a difficult first one, and then into the good times before they find useful and comfortable.
the heaviest burden of life is not working, but boring.
  romain rolland
the ideal life is to the ideal of life.
i never easy and the enjoyment of life as an end in itself.
to honor the road, not covered with flowers.
miracle in the fate of more than arise.
poor, white and plain living, that we be able to overcome many difficulties revolutionary place!
  fang zhimin
a person’s spiritual life not only in material life does not work; and has enriched the cultural life of revolution, even if the material life was not so satisfactory, even greater difficulties, but also to endure and overcome.
  tao zhu
a person, if the excessive pursuit of eating, drinking all day indulge in the small world of individualism, he pursued what inevitably
do not want to pay any price to be happy, then it is a myth.
  xu teli
if one day i can for our contribution to the public interest, i would think that he is the world’s most well-being of the people.
as long as you have a reasonable thing to do, your life will be particularly good.
you want to be the well-being of human beings? i hope that you first learn to suffer afford.
serious human well-being, is not the romantic, entertainment and laughter of all these frivolous partner, but perseverance and fortitude.
if the return was a pain to get to know the truth and adhering to the truth, it should be conscious of the bear with pleasure, then, and only then, the pain will only be translated into well-being.
  zhang zhixin
inherent in the death of a person, or weightier than mount tai or lighter than a feather.
  sima qian
health is also my objectives; justice, but also my objectives; the two can not and must, take care of health and justice also.
  meng ke
life since ancient times, no one died, according to han qing dedicated loyalty.
  wen tianxiang
for the pursuit of light and heat, people would rather give up their lives. life is sweet. however, cold, lonely health, but not as grand and spectacular death.
  ba jin
only in life seem dull and tasteless is empty and flat and tasteless.
the truth of life in this strong cup of wine again and again without the refining oh, this will not be delicious!
  guo xiaochuan
life is fighting.
  corot zlenko
life is about the wisdom of distress when they were asked why.
the more difficult life situations, the more i feel stronger, even more clever.
marine life is like, only the strong will of the people, to reach the other side.
the full meaning of life is to explore the endless not yet know what is constantly adding more knowledge.

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