at any point on earth from the sun are equally distant. – burton

i prefer to rely on its own strength to open my future, rather than those who favor a strong demand. – victor hugo

no matter what we step on stilts, do not have their own feet will not do. – brecht

the most fiery hell is for those who test in the great spirit of those who remain neutral in the preparations. – dante

self-confidence is the first secret of success. – ralph waldo emerson i have only one advice to you – do your own master. – napoleon

self-confidence and hope that is the prerogative of youth. – dumas

stubborn as well, their own thinking tomorrow will know today. – g. b.

we have confidence in ourselves, others will allow initiation of our confidence in the green shoot. – ancient拉勞shifu

in addition to personality, the biggest loss of life than to lose a confidence. -培爾辛

those who have confidence can be of little of a great, for the magic of mediocrity. – george bernard shaw

strong confidence that will enable ordinary people to make amazing career. – martens

columbus found a world, do not use charts, he is in the sky clearing up doubts "confidence." -桑塔雅娜

i can float in the morass of life without depression sewage is my confidence. – dante

in any case, the "rumor" dumb can not scare me. – lu xun

天生我材必有用. – li han de-chi, who knew that he was prescribed. – old dan "lao zi"

patriots qualities of gas, should not sell ourselves short. – zhuge liang

who better to rely on self-reliance also. (rely on, rely on.) – pre-qin dynasty "hanfeizi & mi地球上的任何一點離太陽都同樣地遙遠。——伯頓我寧願靠自己的力量打開我的前途,而不願求有力者的垂青。——雨果不管我們踩什麼樣的高蹺,沒有自己的腳是不行的。 ——佈萊希特地獄中最熾熱的地方是為那些在偉大精神考驗中保持中立的人準備的。——但丁自信就是成功的第一秘訣。——愛默生我隻有一個忠告給你——做你自己的主人。——拿破侖自信和希望是青年的特權。——大仲馬固執也有好處,自己明天的思想今天可以知道。——g.b.我們對自己抱有的信心,將使別人對我們萌生信心的綠芽。——拉勞士福古除瞭人格以外,人生最大的損失,莫過於失掉自信心瞭。——培爾辛有信心的人,可以化渺小為偉大,化平庸為神奇。——蕭伯納堅決的信心,能使平凡的人們,做出驚人的事業。——馬爾頓哥倫佈發現瞭一個世界,卻沒有用海圖,他用的是在天空中釋疑解惑的“信心”。——桑塔雅娜能夠使我飄浮於人生的泥沼中而不致陷污的,是我的信心。——但丁無論如何,“流言”總不能嚇啞我的。——魯迅天生我材必有用。——李白知人者智,自知者明。——老聃《老子》恢弘志士之氣,不宜妄自菲薄。——諸葛亮恃人不如自恃也。(恃,依靠。)——先秦《韓非子&mi

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