it is through wisdom, mei-cai youth to shape its connotations were able to fully reflect the profound.

young people are open-minded period of time, it should use this period to develop their own open-minded character. – russell

young’s sensitive and creative spirit, with a maturity of scientists a wealth of knowledge and experience combined will be able to complement each other. – beveridge

young people are our future, it is our hope. – stalin

in the life of any occasion have to stand in the front line soldiers in the ranks. – ostrovsky

the struggle of life you are able to make, you make the suffering of the depressed aging; the times that this is going to be able to shoulder the historic mission for the youth of the two magic weapons. – mao dun

youth wasted nothing, white for the first title and what goes up! – quan deyu

poetry has no intention to send non-ru, mo zi can get negative youth. – yu qian
as long as you do not obliterate the heart, even if the clouds in the evening, you can imagine the rich.

youth not only belong to those young people in their prime, all belonging to the burnout never, never aggressive.

not only is the flower of their youth xiaoye, vibrant energy, attractive ufa, it also contains hard work, exploration, hard work.

flowers wither, and will re-open next year; youth gone will never come again.

do not be allocated to the years of water bamboo basket, the youth should ignite the cause of the torch.

not on the difficult journey distance, not touching the spectrum of friendship song; no snow nestling in the warm, burning can not afford not quenched the fire of love.

pearl is a small matter, time is money, who picked up the most diligent in pearls, string into the money. youth who often have a "pearl."

bow back arrow to open really, "back" the word should belong to young people.

it is shameful for most young people lack the necessary creativity.

youth is life in the songs of a masterpiece, it should be with the most beautiful things together.

young people in the strongest terms the request is understood.

if a peaceful and carefree life, the magnificent youth also disappeared.

for young evergreen tree, i have to rely on the cause of the light shining, the water rely on the love of the water.

what does it mean for the young? it means the world each irrational things are exciting.

if the candle of youth in order to weep with grief, will never be proud of the brilliant shine.

youth means a green and hope.

into the world of civilization, human well-being made to the youth i have to create youth of the family, the youth of the nation with youthful vigor, the young man, the young earth, the universe’s youth, funded by the music of health knows no boundaries. – li dazhao youth, the king of life, the life of the spring, china’s life also. – li dazhao

golden horse hundred buy, buy beautiful daughter; gaojue million payment to buy, where to buy their youth? – qu yuan

mo leisure day, to no longer young. – lin kuan

with my old non-white people! youth is no longer even ruzhi? in the non-ruoguan boy, did not learn far more famous husband? – yu liangbi 共3頁,當前第1頁123

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