> p.e.r.u. 秘魯 
> phorget (forget) everyone… remember us. 忘記全部人 記得我們 

> t.h.a.i.l.a.n.d. 泰國 
> totally happy. always in love and never dull. 完全快樂 時時刻刻蜜運 

h.o.l.l.a.n.d 荷蘭 
> hope our love lasts and never dies. 希望我們的愛永恒不變 

> i.t.a.l.y. 意大利 
> i trust and love you. 我相信你和愛你 

> l.i.b.y.a. 利比亞 
> love is beautiful; you also. 愛是美麗的 你也是 

> f.r.a.n.c.e. 法蘭西 
> friendships remain and never can end. 友誼永固 

> c.h.i.n.a. 中國 
> come here. i need affection. 來這 我需要愛 

> b.u.r.m.a. 緬甸 
> between us, remember me always. 我們之間 常常記得我 

> n.e.p.a.l. 尼泊爾 
> never ever part as lovers. 像情人一樣 永不分開 

> i.n.d.i.a. 印度 
> i nearly died in adoration. 我差點在狂愛中死去 

> k.e.n.y.a 肯雅 
> keep everything nice, yet arousing. 全部東西保養好來 保持趣味 

> c.a.n.a.d.a. 加拿大 
> cute and naughty action that developed into attraction 可愛和頑皮的 

> k.o.r.e.a. 南韓 
> keep optimistic regardless of every adversity. 雖然事與願違 保持樂觀 

> e.g.y.p.t. 埃及 
> everything’s great, you pretty thing!! 十全十美,你這漂亮的東西 

> m.a.n.i.l.a. 馬尼拉 
> may all nights inspire love always. 漫漫長夜時時刻刻感到愛 

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