light troubles speak; great troubles keep silent. (lucius annaeus seneneca, ancient roman philosopher)
小困難,大聲叫嚷;大困難,悶聲不響。(古羅馬哲學傢 尼加 l a)

mishaps are like knives that either serve us or cut us as we grasp them by the handle or blade.(james russell lowell, american poetess and critic)
災難就像刀子,握住刀柄就可以為我們服務,拿住刀刃則會割破手。(美國女詩人、批評傢 洛威爾 j r)

no one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us. (b.t.washington, american educator)
除瞭我們自己以外,沒有人能貶低我們。如果我們堅強,就沒有什麼不良影響能夠打敗我們。(美國教育傢 華盛頓 b t)

no pain , no palm; no thorns , no throne ; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown. (william penn, british admiral)
沒有播種,何來收獲;沒有辛勞,何來成功;沒有磨難,何來榮耀;沒有挫折,何來輝煌。(英國海軍上將 佩恩 w)

although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. (hellen keller, american writer) 
雖然世界多苦難,但是苦難總是能戰勝的(美國作傢 海倫·凱勒) 

motherly love is an immense flame. (romain rolland)
the world has one of the most beautiful voice, and that is the call of the mother (dante)
where are you mother, where is the most happy place (uk)
loving mother’s arms are posed, the children could not sleep in there sweet (hugo)
human lips can be issued by the sweet words, that is, mother, best call is the "mother" (gibran)
motherly love are the world’s greatest strength (mir)
the world on all other are false, empty, only the mother is the true, eternal, not quenched. (india)
motherly love is so strong, selfish and feverishly to occupy our whole heart’s feelings. (duncan)
at the lips and hearts of children, the mother of god. (uk)
mothers all over the world like how! their hearts, like always. every mother has a very pure赤子之心. (whitman)
while women are fragile, the mother is strong (france)
not selfless, motherly self-sacrifice to help the child’s soul will be a desert. (uk)
comfortable, are a family of self. – english
wise’s son to make his father happy, ignorant son of the mother shame. – solomon
father and son do not believe in the family financial situation is at odds. – empress wu
who made the heart-inch grass, reported a three chunhui. – meng jiao

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