sweetest joy ,the wildest woe * love.——philip bailey
  there * hardly any activity,any enterpr*e ,which * started with such tremendous hopes and expectations,and yet which fails so regularly,as love.——erich fromm
  man’s love * of man’s life a thing apart,’t* woman’s whole ex*tence.——byron
  marriage * like life in th* –that it * field of battle ,and not a bed of roses.——robert stevenson
  men are april when they woo,december when they wed;maids are may when they are maids,but the sky changes when they are wives.——shakespear
  it * hard for the human soul not to love something ,and our mind must of necessity be drawn to some kind of affection. —–jerome
  one * easily fooled by that which one love. —–moliere
  人容易被所愛的人愚弄。 —-莫裡衰

 hatred paralyzes life; love release it. hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. hatred darken life; love illuminates it. —–martin luther king
  恨使生活癱瘓無力,愛使他重獲新生。恨使生活混亂不堪,愛是它變得和諧。恨使什麼漆黑一團,愛使它光彩奪目。 –馬丁。路德。金
  it’s difficult to know at what moment love begins; it * less difficult to know that it has begun. —h.w.longfellow
  知道愛情開始是困難的,但知道愛情已經開始則不那麼困難瞭。 —-h。w。朗費羅
  if you’d be loved, be worthy to be loved. —-ovid
  要得到別人的愛,就必須要有值得愛的地方。 —奧維德
  love * ever matter of comedies, and how and then of tragedies. —-bacon
  愛情常是喜劇,偶爾是悲劇。 —-培根
  love lives in cottages as well as in courts. —-george herbert
  愛在茅屋,亦在深宮。 —-喬治。赫伯特
  human nature * so constructed that it gives affection most readily to those who seem least to demand it. ——bertrand russell
  人的天性就是如此,他最樂意將愛給予那些似乎最不強求愛的人。 —–羅素
  love triumphs over everything. love has no age, no limit and no death. —-john galsworthy
  愛情戰勝一切。愛情沒有壽命,沒有極限,沒有死亡。 —-約翰。高爾斯華


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