love triumphs over everything. love has no age, no limit and no death. —-john galsworthy   愛情戰勝一切。愛情沒有壽命,沒有極限,沒有死亡。 —-約翰。高爾斯華      

sweetest joy ,the wildest woe is love.——philip bailey   

there is hardly any activity,any enterprise ,which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations,and yet which fails so regularly,as love.——erich fromm   幾乎沒有任何活動、任何事業如同愛情一般;開始時充滿著無限的希望與期待;而結束時卻毫不例外地落空。—–埃裡克。弗洛姆      

man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart,’tis woman’s whole existence.——byron   愛情是男人生命中的一部分,卻是女人生命的全部。——拜倫      

marriage is like life in this –that it is field of battle ,and not a bed of roses.——robert stevenson   婚姻生活—乃戰場而玫瑰花朵。—–羅伯特。史蒂文森      

men are april when they woo,december when they wed;maids are may when they are maids,but the sky changes when they are wives.——shakespear   男人求婚時像四月天,婚後像十二月天;女人少女時像五月天,為人妻後就變天。—–莎士比亞

it is hard for the human soul not to love something ,and our mind must of necessity be drawn to some kind of affection. —–jerome   要使人的靈魂不去愛是很難的,而我們的思想也有必要被某在種愛所吸引。——傑洛姆      

one is easily fooled by that which one love. —–moliere   人容易被所愛的人愚弄。 —-莫裡衰      

love should be a tree whose roots are deep in the earth, but whose branches extend into heaven. —bertrand russell   愛情之樹應該深深紮根在泥土中,而起枝條則要伸展與廣闊的天空。 ——羅素      

loveliness, needs not the foreign aid of ornament, but is when unadorned, adorned the most. —james thompson   可愛,並不需要外來的裝飾,天然的可愛遠比雕飾的更可愛。 —–詹姆斯。湯普森      as

selfishness and complaint cloud the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision. ——helen keller   自私和抱怨是心靈陰暗,愉悅的愛則使視野明朗開闊。 —-海侖。凱勒      

be of love a little more careful than of anything. —-e.e.cummings   對待愛情應該比對其它任何事都更謹慎。 —e。e。康明斯

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