人生有限,學問無涯. art is long, but life is short.
有志者,事竟成. where there is will, there is a way.

知識源於勤奮. knowledge comes from diligence

落後須奮進. far behind must follow the faster.
不勞則不獲. no pains, no gains.
做事不可半途而費. never do things by halves.
學無止境. there is no ending to learning.
獨木不成林. one tree cannot make a wood.
隻會用功不會玩,聰明的孩子也變傻. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
人人為我,我為人人. all for me, one for all.
時間就是金錢. time is money.
學習趁年少,而且要學好. learn young, learn fair.
光陰似箭. time flies like a arrow.
沒有學識就是盲人. without learning, without eyes.

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