difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people.困難坎坷是人們的生活教科書。

failure is the mother of success.– thomas paine失敗乃成功之母。

for man is man and master of his fate.人就是人,是自己命運的主人。

the unexamined life is not worth living.– socrates混混噩噩的生活不值得過。– 蘇格拉底none is of freedom or of life deserving unless he daily conquers it anew.– erasmus隻有每天再度戰勝生活並奪取自由的人,才配享受生活的自由。

our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. so let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness.  — r.m. nixon命運給予我們的不是失望之酒,而是機會之杯。因此,讓我們毫無畏懼,滿心愉悅地把握命運。– 尼克松

man struggles upwards; water flows downwards.人往高處走,水往低處流。

man errs as long as he strives. –goethe失誤是進取的代價。–歌德

the failures and reverses which await men – and one after another sadden the brow of youth – add a dignity to the prospect of human life, which no arcadian success would do. — henry david thoreau盡管失敗和挫折等待著人們,一次次地奪走青春的容顏,但卻給人生的前景增添瞭一份尊嚴,這是任何順利的成功都不能做到的。–梭羅a man can fail many times, but he isn\’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.–j. burroughs一個人可以失敗很多次,但是隻要他沒有開始責怪旁人,他還不是一個失敗者。–巴勒斯

in time of prosperity,friends will be plenty ,in time of adversity,not one amongst twenty.得勢時朋友盈門,失勢時不見一人,富在深山有遠親,窮在鬧市無人問

hope for the best and prepare for the worst抱最好的希望 做最壞的大算

poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is貧窮非恥辱 恥貧乃恥辱all things in their being are good for something.天生我才必有用。


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