1. you said to me forever, forever not i will tomorrow. 你對我說永遠永遠,永遠不是我要的明天.

2. morgen, die zukunft, die sich zuerst? 明天 、未來 ,哪一個會先到?

3. 我愛你不是因為你是誰,而是我在你面前可以是誰。 i love you not because of who you are, but because of who i am with you.

4. 那些刻在椅子後的愛情,會不會像水泥上的花朵,開出沒有的風,寂寞的森林. those on chair of love, would like the flowers of cement, open no wind, lonely forest.

5. 習慣這個東西很可怕`特別是當你不得不面對改變的時候。 habit this thing very terrible ,especially when you have to face when changed.

6. 那些以前說著永不分離的人,早已經散落在天涯瞭。 those who used to say never separated, have scattered in the horizon.

7. 我正在努力的朝著那片未知的未來舉步而去、從未停下 i’m working toward the slice of the unknown future step away, never stop

8. 喜歡陽光是因為它很暖、暖到瞭心底、暖去瞭不知名的疼痛 like the sun because it’s warm, warm heart went to unknown pain

9. 我沒有哭泣啊,隻是突然學會瞭思念而已。 i didn’t cry because it is over, but suddenly learned to miss it.

10. 為什麼傷害隔著那麼遠都能做到,而安慰,卻必須在身旁才行呢? why damage across so far can do, and comfort, but must be in the side to just go?

11. 其實我們早該明白,這年頭,在談戀愛這件事面前,誰都不是善男信女。 actually, we should understand, this year, in love this matter before, who is not organized.

12. 別讓我度日如年的等候,等到那時看到你恐怕我已經語盡詞窮。 don’t let me wait, wait until the widder then see you i am afraid i’ve language do word poor.

13. 雲在半空中,被微風剪碎,回憶也許美,可是正在飛走對不對。 cloud in mid-air, be breeze shear ground, memories maybe beauty, but they are flying away right.

14. 我們走得很慢,連幸福都著急。 we walked slowly, even happiness are worried.

15. 當擁有已經是失去,就勇敢的放棄。 when it has is lost, brave to give up.

16. 烏雲把陽光擋在身後,精心地,演繹著祭奠回憶的 癡迷。 dark clouds to the sun from the behind, meticulously, deducing memorial memories infatuateds.

17. 我發現你一直住在我心裡某個角落,拿著永不過期的憑證,成瞭永久的居民. i found that you have lived in my heart a corner, take never outdated vouchers, become permanent residents.

18. 我們的心底永遠都有一個不為人知的角落,不願被人揭起的傷疤。 it turned out that our heart is an unknown corner, don’t want to be uncovered scars.

19. 我們都是那樣的年輕過。而我們也那樣的沉沒過。 we are all so young. and we also that sank.

20. 無論過去的一年我們做瞭多少事,有多少理想尚未抵達,都已經過去瞭. in the past year we have done much, how many ideal has not arrived, is past.

21. 時間是個盛大的玻璃容器 ,任何事情都可以被它毫無保留的收納。 time is a big glass containers, anything can be it without reserve to receive.

22. 經得起風雨,卻經不起平凡;風雨同船,天晴便各自散瞭。 withstand wind and rain, but can’t afford to ordinary, rain and their respective ship, turn away.

23. 說好永遠的,不知怎麼就散瞭。 say forever, i do not know how to spread.


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