.i don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidentally―like on a breeze。我不懂我們是否有著各自的命運,還是隻是到處隨風飄蕩。

death is just a part of life, something we’re all destined to do。死亡是生命的一部分,是我們註定要做的一件事。

(語錄)it takes a life time to find someone, but only a moment to fall in love. /找到對的人也許要花一生的時間,但愛上一個人卻往往在一瞬間

(語錄)the greatest disadvantage of a person is not selfish, passionate, brutal, capricious, but a paranoid love do not love themselves. —— 一個人最大的缺點不是自私、多情、野蠻、任性,而是偏執地愛一個不愛自己的人

(語錄)i would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix? 寧願笑著流淚,也不哭著說後悔,當心碎的時候,還需要補嗎?

sometimes god doesn’t give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more. /有時候,上天沒有給你想要的,不是因為你不配,而是你值得擁有更好的

(語錄)到最後,你總會明白,誰是虛心假意,誰是真心實意,誰為瞭你不顧一切 流言微語:in the end you’ll see who’s fake, who’s true and who would risk it all just for you. 到最後,你總會明白,誰是虛心假意,誰是真心實意,誰為瞭你不顧一切。

wind that topples her in a wave without spray,and substance without weight, and leaning fires.her mass of kisses breaks and sinks.風翻攪她,在沒有泡沫的潮水中,在沒有重量的物質裡,在傾斜的火焰中。她的千吻,碎裂並且沉沒。——聶魯達 著 李宗榮 譯

【when you can fly, do not give up flying.when you can dream, do not give up the dream.when you can love, do not give up on love ——當你能飛的時候就不要放棄飛。當你能夢的時候就不要放棄夢。當你能愛的時候就不要放棄愛。】

【when you are afraid of losing something ,it means that you have no choice but to abandon it or give up yourself. 當你害怕失去一樣東西時,這意味著,你隻能要麼放棄這樣東西,要麼放棄你自己。】

【語錄】never regret.if it’s good, it’s wonderful. if it’s bad, it’s experience. 不必遺憾。若是美好,叫做精彩。若是糟糕,叫做經歷。

walk into a wrong hostel, no wonder street is wrong,cold is the snack to keep on, why put it around.there is no chord in our song, but there’s a coda clue.認錯旅店的門牌,認錯要逛的街,便當冷瞭想保存,怎可以亂擺,沒有你我的和弦,但有結尾伏線。

you’re a letter, i post you to town, last feet on the road in dirt of ground,only care to send, no time to see how beautiful world written on.你是一封信我是郵差最後一雙腳惹盡塵埃,忙著去護送來不及拆開裡面完美的世界。——《郵差》王菲

things that make life easier: a parent’s hug, a lover’s kiss, a friend’s support. 讓生活變得輕松的三樣東西:父母的擁抱,戀人的親吻,以及朋友的支持。

如果對於明天沒有要求,牽牽手就像旅遊,成千上萬個門口總有一個人要先走.——《十年》陳奕迅should we have no desire for tomorrow,love would seem a tour to thousands of open gates,someone is to be first to go.

i don’t have the strenghth to stay away from you anymore. 我再也沒有離開你的力氣瞭。——《暮光之城》共3頁,當前第1頁123

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