【美式幽默英文】我們這裡鬧女人荒we have a female shortage here;你是怪怪的北方佬you are a freaking yankee;我ㄠ起來瞭i am laying low;我放屁瞭i cut the cheese;她是八卦夫人she is a big gossip

“live as if you were to die tomorrow. learn as if you were to live forever.” – mahatma gandhi “像知道你明天就要死一樣的生活,像你將永遠活著一樣的學習。”(聖雄甘地)

【相親的英文說法】1. blind date2. matchmaking3. arranged date4. marriage interview5. pay a call to the girl’s parents6. to size up a prospective mate7. set me up with someone 8.nearsighted date

【情人節浪漫英文祝福語大全】情人節快樂:happy valentine’s day!!送你一個吻,悄悄的說我很高興你是我的,情人節快樂!sending you a kiss to say i’m glad that you are mine. happy the day!

說說學校食堂裡的事。學校食堂裡最喜歡吃的菜是什麼?最喜歡和誰一起去打飯?哪個窗口的廚師最帥?吃飯吃著吃著看到……在學校食堂裡都有些什麼樣的回憶呢? talk about the stories at the cafeteria of your school or university.

《讓子彈飛》( let the bullets fly) 中英文經典臺詞對照: 如果你活著,早晚都會死;如果你死瞭,你就永遠活著。if you live, sooner or later die; if you die, you’ll live forever

天氣越來越冷,你知道如何用英語表達“冷死瞭”嗎?it’s freezing out there! 外面冷死瞭!the wind is bone-chilling.這寒風真是刺骨!i am freezing my toes off.我腳趾都快凍掉瞭!i can’t stop shivering from the cold.我冷得不停打哆嗦!the wind just cuts through me.風簡直是直接穿過我身體。

【今日話題topic of the day】 who was your favorite idol star 10 years ago? 十年前你最喜歡的明星是誰

不去追逐你所渴求,你將永遠不會擁有。不開口問,回答永遠是no。不往前走,就將永遠停留。if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. if you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.

【醫院就診常用口語】:1. are you all right?你還好嗎?2. he’s not answering.他沒有回應。3. someone has passed out.有人昏倒瞭。4. is there anything you can give me to get rid of it, doctor?醫生,有沒有什麼藥可以治一治?

【飲食相關詞匯】關於酒的:appetizer 餐前葡萄酒;martini rosso, blanco, dry 馬丁尼紅/幹/白;gin 金酒;gordon’s 哥頓;rum 郎姆酒;whisky 威士忌;calvados 蘋果酒;glenfiddich 格蘭菲迪

a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. 謊言都繞瞭半個地球瞭,真相還沒穿好衣服呢

【女生拒絕男生的英語】not if you were the last man on earth. 除非你是世界上最後一個男人。i‘m not available.我已經名花有主瞭。not in this lifetime.這輩子休想。(下輩子吧)is begging on the street legal here?此地當街乞討是合法的嗎?i am waiting for my boyfriend.我正在等我男朋友。

【英文潮語縮寫小匯】btw(by the way) 順便再說一句;g2g(got to go):要走瞭;ttyl(talk to you later):下次再說;jk(just kidding):開玩笑,別當真;omg(oh my god):我的天啊;sth(something):某事某物;plz(please):請

who wrote the english new year scrolls? it’s so gelivable.這是誰寫的英文春聯啊?太給力瞭!

你的心理承受能力強嗎?看這個圖片,心理承受能力越強,感覺轉動越慢。how is your psychological endurance capacity? look at this picture, the stronger psychological enduring capacity you have, the slower you will feel like that it’s moving around.共4頁,當前第1頁1234

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