【充滿哲理的諺語】1.he is a wise man who speaks little.聰明不是掛在嘴上。2.he is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.背後說好話,才是真朋友。3.something is better than nothing.聊勝於無。4.nothing is to be got without pains but poverty.世上唯有貧窮可以不勞而獲。

loneliness is a beautiful thought, and only in the thinking of the time, it looked so beautiful and lonely. 思念是一種美麗的孤獨,也隻有在思念的時候,孤獨才顯得如此美麗。

sometimes makes you tired, not mountains, but the shoes in a grain of sand.有時讓你疲憊的,不是高山,而是鞋裡的一粒沙子。

i want to be his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye. 我要成為他最心動的相遇,最不舍的離別

【各種鬼的英文表達】1)魔鬼-demon 2)懶鬼-lazybones 3)酒鬼-alcoholic 4)醉鬼-drunkard 5)煙鬼-chain smoker 6)調皮鬼-naughty child 7)搗蛋鬼-troublemaker 8)吸血鬼-vampire 9)膽小鬼-coward 10)賭鬼-gambling addict 11)色鬼-lecher 12)鬼子-foreign devil

正是因為愛才悄悄的躲開,躲開的是身影,躲不開的是默默的情懷;今天我終於鼓起勇氣,向你表達我的愛。 because of lovng you so much that stood asde. although my fgure left you away, my heart ddn’t. today have made up my mnd to say “ love you”.

memories can make you smile, but it can very well make you cry hard.回憶,有時令你嘴角上揚,有時也能讓你潸然淚下。

【妙解i love you】”i”-inject 投入 “l”-loyal 忠誠 “o”-observant 用心 “v”-valiant 勇敢 “e”-enjoyment 喜悅 “y”-yes 願意 “o”-obligation 責任 “u”-unison 和諧 所以愛,就是投入,忠誠,用心,勇敢,喜悅,願意,責任,還有和諧。

【美容英語詞匯】唇線筆: lip liner 唇膏: (筆狀 lip pencil,膏狀 lipstick,盒裝lip color/lip gloss), 唇彩: lip gloss/lip color ,腮紅: blush,卸裝水: makeup remover ,卸裝乳: makeup removing lotion ,指甲油: nail polish/color/enamel ,去甲油:nail polish remover,護甲液:nail saver

don’t wait for the best job, to begin to work; don’t wait to have a lot, to share a bit. 不要非要等到一份最好的工作,才要開始工作;不要等擁有許多後,才開始分享.

meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. 遇見你是命運的安排,成為瞭朋友是我的選擇,而愛上你是我無法控制的意外。

不同的時間,不同的地點,不同的人群,相同的隻有你和我;時間在變,空間在變,不變的隻有對你無限的思念! you and remans the same n dfferent tme, at dfferent places,among dfferent people; tme s changng, space s changng and everythng s changng except my mss to you!

遇上一個人要一分鐘的時間,喜歡一個人隻需一小時的時間,愛上一個人要一天的時間,可要我忘記你卻要用上一生的時間。 can meet a person n a mnute, lke a person n an hour and love a person n a day, but t wll take me a whole lfe to forget you.

[花]the furthest distance in the world. is not being apart while being in love. but when plainly cannot resist the yearning. yet pretending you have never been in my heart. 世界上最遙遠的距離,不是相愛的人不能在一起,而是明明不能停止思念,卻裝作對方從未走進自己心間。

我不知道我是否真的愛,但是我知道我不能沒有你,如果地球將要毀滅,那麼我要告訴你“你是我唯一想見的人”。 don’t know whether really love you, but know cannot lose you. f the earth s gong to be destroyed want to tell you that you are the only one want to see


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