if you love someone because lonesome and so you will eventually for love and lonely. 如果你是因為寂寞 而愛上一個人 ,那麼你最終會因為愛而寂寞

我想說。過去的、過不去。我想說。未來的、未曾來。 i want to say. the past and butter. i want to say. in the future, not to.

where there is love, there are always wishes. 哪裡有真愛。哪裡就有奇跡。

i guess you know what to do, i am you can not think irrelevant. 你是我猜不到的不知所措,我是你想不到的無關痛癢。

the warm smile, if the quality. 微笑向暖,安之若素。

each youth will be old, but i hope that your memories have been good. 每段青春都會蒼老,但我希望記憶裡的你一直都好。

a person may give you many pain, but does not have one time is the same. 一個人可以給你許多痛苦,但是沒有一次是相同的。

i would like to be a single-cell organisms, heartless creature alive. 我想做個單細胞的生物,沒心沒肺的活著。

dear. when thinking of you some happiness. well some sad. 親愛的,想邇的時候有些幸福,幸福的有些難過。

maybe sunshine had stood,but the sad always in my heart never dies. 也許陽光曾佇立,但悲傷一直都在我心裡不曾消逝。

even if the world has a thousand reasons to cry, you have to have one thousand and one reason to smile. 就算世界有一千個理由讓你哭泣、 你也要有一千零一個理由微笑。

what is called "love"? is even oneself all cannot accommodate shortcomings, be hold. 什麼叫做“被愛”?就是連自己都不能容納的缺點,被容納瞭。

the last one, can not turn, do not turn, turn over the dirt will be lost in his eyes. 過去的一頁、能不翻就不要翻瞭、翻落瞭灰塵會迷瞭雙眼。

i have to empty out their study, because of the house with you and interest. 我之所以眷念空氣,因為裡面滲透著你的氣息。

i just miss once, but forget that we have not had their own. 我隻是懷念曾經,卻忘記瞭我們都已不是曾經的自己 。

我在你看不到的天空 看著燦爛的煙火許下你聽不到的承諾。 i looked at the sky in you can't see the splendid fireworks promise you hear commitment.

if you want to fly too high in relation to the horizon forget 如果想飛得高,就該把地平線忘掉。

i aimless goes by fits and starts, you can't walk out of the world. 我漫無目的的走走停停,卻始終走不出你的世界。

love from the beginning of a smile, a kiss to grow, to end with a tear. 愛由一個笑容開始,用一個吻來成長,用一滴眼淚來結束。

i will always be, even lonely open into the sea. 我會一直在,縱使寂寞開成海。

if you love someone because lonesome and so you will eventually for love and lonely. 如果你是因為寂寞 而愛上一個人 ,那麼你最終會因為愛而寂寞

who can come to the front of the time, help me find the next screen. 誰能走到時間的前面,幫我看看未來的畫面。

if you see the shadow in front, do not be afraid, it is because the sun behind you. 如果你看到面前的陰影,別怕,那是因為你的背後有陽光 。

love is not all luckily, all are not the love luckily. 幸好愛情不是一切,幸好一切都不是愛情。

there is a stare look on with a disregard called called silent care. 有一種凝望叫作冷眼旁觀 有一種無視叫作默默關懷。

why can know opposite party secret? in the world the darkest place, is a person's moral nature. 為什麼要知道對方的秘密呢?世上最黑暗的地方,是一個人的心底。共2頁,當前第1頁12

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