time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people. 時光的宿命就是見證人們的過錯。

當掉的淺色寂語、你開瞭一傢收購店、等來瞭遺忘的海角天光。 when off the light color of silence language, you opened a takeover shops, have forgotten cape skylight.

你是屬於深藍裡的純白。你的眼是我此生不遇的海。勵志名人名言 you belong to the pure blue. your eyes is my live in the sea.

did you know that everytime she thinks of you she smiles. 有沒有那麼一個人,你一想到他(她),就會甜甜地微笑。

you cannot appreciate happiness unless you have known sadness too. 不知道什麼是憂傷,就不會真正感激幸福。

can't get preference in turmoil, was forever have no fear hold. 得不到的永遠在騷動,被偏愛的都有持無恐。

天空一無所有,要如何給我安慰。 the sky has nothing, how to give me comfort.

good humor, let love fate everyone silence. 命運好幽默,讓愛的人都沉默 。

舊年孤單的身影,一個向左,一個向右,拉長著回憶的憔悴,越走越淡。 old solitary figure, one to the right and left, a stretched a recall of haggard, more walk more light.

there's some things that people don't admit because they don't like the way it sounds. 人們有時候不願承認一些事情,隻是因為這些東西聽起來很不舒服 – cindy chupack

lotus represent a born, remove dirt, light in the darkness trend 蓮花代表一種誕生,清除塵垢,在黑暗中趨向光

distance is not terrible terrible is the heart is far away. 距離並不可怕 可怕的是心越來越遠。

don’t say you love me unless you really mean it, because i might do something crazy like believe it. 不要說愛我,除非你是認真的。因為我也許會做出瘋狂的事,比如….相信你。

像是沖破黑暗突如其來的一道光,硬生生的刺入我的世界,卻無關溫暖。 like a light sudden breaks through the darkness, snatching pierced my world, is not warm.

記憶是一條順流而下的河流,而我們就是兩邊等待過河的人。 memory is a run-away rivers, and we are waiting for the people on both sides.

天空很暗,有風,我很安靜。看著你的背影,漸漸模糊,像是消失的風景。 the sky is dark, windy, i very quiet. watch your back, gradually blurred, just disappear scenery.

dream is worth every child yould sad thoughts. 夢想是值得每個孩子每時每刻憂傷的念頭。

你掌心華麗的線條糾結進瞭誰的城池裡歡聲笑語。 your hand luxuriant line entanglements into the city in whose laughter.

沒有什麼過不去,隻是再也回不去。 nothing can not pass, but could not go home.

when the words "i love you" were said by you for the first time, my world blossoms. 第一次聽到你對我說"我愛你",我的世界一瞬間鮮花綻開。

那些上演著繁華不肯謝幕的年華裡開出一朵地老天荒的花。 those who refuse to leave the stage in the flourishing years old of open a flower.

there is no hopeless situation, only the man who falls into despair. 世上沒有絕望的處境,隻有對處境絕望的人。

變老是人生的必修課,變成熟是人生的選修課。 change is always life course, matured is life's elective course.

守住的是倉皇而班駁的災難、是用整個生命也敵不過的假象。 keep is cut and ground of disaster, is to use the whole life also enemy but the illusion.

經典的句子 希望你會喜歡!

am a slow walker , but i never walk backwards.我走得很慢,但是我從不倒退。共2頁,當前第1頁12

love is like the moon, when it does not increase, it decreases 愛情就像月亮,不增則減。

如果有皮箱,我會一發不可收拾的去流浪。 if there is a suitcase, i'll spiralling out to stray.

世界很大。請你鎖上屋門。到廣闊的世界上去漫遊。在漫遊中把我暫忘。 the world is vast. would you please lock the door. the wide world, "go up to roam. in my wanderings temporarily forget.

遍佈荊棘的前路,也應該毫不猶豫得走下去。 throughout the thorns before road, also should not hesitate to go on.

i love not love you one minute only 60 seconds. 我愛的不多 一分鐘隻愛瞭你六十秒。

當金錢站起來說話, 所有的真理都沉默。 when money stood up to talk, all truths are silent.

i would rather love someone i can`t have than have someone i can`t love. 我寧願愛上一個我不能擁有的人,也不想擁有一個我無法愛上的人。

distance makes the hearts grow fonder. 距離使兩顆心靠得更近。

a girl should be two things: fabulous and classy. 每個女孩都該做到兩點:光芒四射並且有品位。—- 可可·香奈兒

close your eyes and see those false man. 閉上眼睛 、就看不見那些虛偽的人。

你留給我的回憶,就像彩虹。我張開雙手,卻隻擁住瞭風。 you leave me memories, like a rainbow. i open the hands, but only embrace caught the breeze.

扭頭就走的是怨念,豁然開懷的是我們走出一個世紀長的時間。 turned tail and go is hatred read, suddenly laugh is we walk out of a century long time.

i don't want to admit that i wasted their time. i also don't admit that i wasted my youth. 我不想承認我蹉跎瞭自己的歲月。 我也不願承認我浪費瞭我的青春。

因為懂得,所以慈悲。 because understood, therefore mercy.

天空依舊是那麼藍那麼清澈 陽光即使是冬天還是那麼溫暖 。 the sky is still as blue as clear sunlight even though it was winter is so warm.

crouch is a good posture, like a lonely lovely children. 蜷縮是個好姿勢, 像個寂寞的乖孩子。

假如有一天我們不在一起瞭,也要像在一起一樣。 if one day of us not in together, must look like in is together same

我們微笑著說,我們停留在時光的原處,其實早已被洪流無聲地卷走 。 we said with a smile, we stopped at times in his place, actually has long been stream soundlessly swept away.

宛如冗長漸進的時光穿廊。流光於此處匍匐。 as long chuanlang gradual time. brilliant at here crawl.

時光儼然催人老,時光荏苒成蹉跎。 time peremptory bald, time flies into ruins.

can't get is forever, forget was once. 到不瞭的就是永遠, 忘不瞭的就是曾經。

所謂最難忘的,就是從來不曾想起,卻永遠也不會忘記 。 called the most unforgettable, is never remind of, is never forgotten.

we read the world wrong and say that it deceives us. 我們把世界看錯瞭,反說它欺騙我們。

water and i wait for you in the water. fire to come, i wait for you in the ashes 水來,我在水中等你。火來,我在灰燼中等你。

i need him like i need the air to breathe. 我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空氣。


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