life is like “breathing”, “shout” is for one breath, “pull” is to win honor.生活就像“呼吸”,“呼”是為瞭出一口氣,“吸”是為瞭爭一口氣。

the vow is simple. finding someone worthy, of such a promise is the hard part.but if we can, that’s when we begin to live, happily ever after.誓言是簡單的。要找到那個值得這份誓言的人才是困難的。但如果我們真的能夠找到,那我們就會永遠幸福快樂的生活下去。 ——

【照亮人生的句子】only a person with a sense of crisis can survive, develop and grow strong.隻有有危機意識的人才能生存、發展和壯大。 ——胡敏老師

【照亮人生的句子】try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. –albert einstein 不要試圖去做一個成功的人,要努力成為一個有價值的人。

【經典語錄】really great people make you feel that, you, too, can become great.真正偉大的人會讓你感覺到自己也能變得偉大。——mark twain(馬克吐溫)

【商界精英語錄】commercial credit is not based primarily upon money or property. the first thing is character. character is before money or anything else. money cannot buy it. 商業信譽並非首先建立在金錢和財產之上,而是個人的品性之上,品性無法用金錢購買。john morgan(約翰·摩根)

there are many things in life that will catch your eyes, but only a few will catch your heart… pursue those!生活中有很多事物會吸引你的眼球,但隻有為數不多的事物會打動你的心靈……去追求後者!

time is always with the people who have courage to fly, not with the people who stand and watch the sky.時間總屬於那些勇敢飛翔者,而不屬於那些仰望天空者。

i used to define happiness as a dynamic psychological let me try to define success. success is an act in which one achieves his or her attainable goal. 我曾給幸福下過定義:幸福是一種動態心理平衡.現在來給成功下個定義:成功是一次實現瞭自己力所能及目標的行動.

【心靈物語】good friends are like stars. you don`t always see them, but you know they`re always there!好朋友就如同天上的星星,你並不能總是看到他們,可他們永遠在那裡。

【照亮人生的句子】many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. 我們生活中的許多失敗,是因為人們在放棄的時候沒有認識到他們距離成功有多麼近。 ——thomas edison(托馬斯愛迪生)

it’s over, the flowers disappear, and the dream awakes, what may be ahead? if i had picked one, had she been wearing it? 都過去瞭,花也隱瞭,夢也醒瞭,前路如何?便摘也何曾戴? —–冰心

【每日勵志】i think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew i was responsible for myself, and i had to make good.——奧普拉*溫弗瑞(oprah winfrey) 我認為自己是這樣的人:從小我就知道,我要對自己負責,我必須成功。

【照亮人生】you cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.你無法控制將要發生的事,但你可以控制自己的態度,這樣,你就可以控制變化而非受制於變化。傷感名人名言

people are live tired, because not put shelf, tear open face, not solution don’t open complex.人之所以活得累,是因為放不下架子、撕不開面子、解不開情結。


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