they all say losing before know how to cherish, actually cherish the most pain after losing. 她們都說失去以後才懂得珍惜,其實珍惜後的失去最痛。

luxuriant spectrum chapter. how does have vanished at that moment. as feelings as well.whether also will have to leave. 華麗的譜章,是不是也會有消逝的那一刻。就如同感情一樣,是不是也會有離開的時候。

【像小丸子一樣堅強的生活吧】每一個畫面都是某一時刻的我們自己。every picture reminds you of yourself at a certain age

don’t set your goals by what other people deem important, only you know what is best for you. 不要把別人看重的東西設定為自己的目標,隻有你才知道什麼最合適自己的

want to know a man love not love you, see him with you have vitality, open unhappy, have is love, no is not love. 想知道一個人愛不愛你,就看他和你在一起有沒有活力,開不開心,有就是愛,沒有就是不愛。

the one you love also loves you. ths s a mracle. and the god names ths as fallng n love wth each other. 自己愛的人同時也愛著自己,這簡直是一種奇跡,神明為這種奇跡取瞭一個名字,叫做戀愛

sometimes what you want isn’t always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted——很多時候,你得不到你想要的,但最終,你擁有的一定比當初渴望的要好得多。

learn to use the understanding of the vision to see and appreciate each other, in order to opinionated care to pipe each other. 學會用理解的,欣賞的眼光去看對方,而不是以自以為是的關心去管對方。

just stepped into the society, i like to leave alpine rock, sharp creases, think oneself is diamond grinding, after years, originally just block pebbles 剛踏上社會的我,就像離開高山的巖石,有棱有角,以為自己是塊鉆石,經過歲月的打磨,原來隻不過是塊鵝卵石。

many people do not need good-bye, because of just going by. forget is that we give each other the best souvenir. 很多人不需要再見,因為隻是路過而已。遺忘就是我們給彼此最好的紀念。

again and again, let my disappointment withdrew to nowhere to retreat. i’m really tired, tired tired. can let me have a rest. 一次又一次的失望,讓我退到無處可退。我真的累瞭,很累很累。勵志名人名言可不可以讓我休息一下。

they keep saying the right person will come along, i think mine got hit by a truck.他們總是在說隻要等待,合適的人就會出現,我覺得合適我的那個人是不是在路上被車撞瞭。

how t feels when you are loved by the one you love? how could t be lke? f you want to answer t mmedately, you shall know how happy you are. 被自己所愛的人深愛著是什麼樣的感覺呢?會是什麼樣子呢?想要立刻回答的人,你要知道自己是多麼幸福。

the heart is the biggest cheater, others can cheat you at that time, and it will cheat you for a lifetime. 心是最大的騙子,別人能騙你一時,而它卻會騙你一輩子。

there is always some simple secrets don’t want to be known to keep in mind but miss just as those who secretly gave who belong to the brim irrigation good heat curl up 總有一些樸素的秘密不想被人知卻要時刻掛念在心頭就像那些偷偷給誰灌好的水杯滿滿當當熱氣繚繞

【三個單詞說地道口語】1. 氣死我瞭! tick me off! 2. 太過分瞭! that’s too much! 3. 你開玩笑呢吧? are you kidding? 4. 我不知道。i’ve no idea. 5. 別逼我! don’t push me! 6. 一言為定! it’s a deal! 7. 我也是這麼認為的。you said it.


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