no body grows old merely by a number of years, we grow old by deserting our ideas. 人們漸長漸老不僅因為歲月的流失,更多的是因為我們對自己理想的背棄。

we talk much,we love only a little,and we hate too much; 我們說的多瞭,愛的卻少瞭,我們的仇恨也更多瞭。


admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly. 要私下告誡朋友,但是要公開誇獎朋友。

he measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. 衡量一個人真正的品質,要看他在知道永遠也不會被人發現的情況下做些什麼。

in love and cooking, you must give 100% effort… but expect little appreciation無論是烹飪還是愛情,都用百分之百的負責態度對待,但是不要乞求太多的回報。

英語短句]1)he cheats on her=他背著她偷吃;2) don’t tease me=別挖哭/諷我;3)please make room=請借過;4)nice going=幹得好/漂亮;5)walls have ears=隔墻有耳;6) everything is in order?=一切都就緒/準備好瞭嗎?7)it paid off={辛苦付出}是值的且已得到回報瞭

snap out of it!= [別再糾結難過]振作起來!;2) just let your hair down=你就好好放輕松[男女皆適用];3) deal != 咱們就這麼說定瞭/一言為定! ;4) no biggie=沒事[沒啥大不瞭的];5) thumbs-up to you!=你表現很贊!加油!;6)you are so “anal” ['einl] =你很”嘰歪/難搞”

it is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability. 深藏不露是一種瞭不起的才能。

實用#英語短句#] 1)don’t let it get to you= 別為這事心煩/苦惱;2)this too will pass=這糾結或痛苦終究會過去的;3)love me; love my dog=愛屋及烏;4)such a 3d loser=真是個么蛾子[字面指“三維的庸才”,邊說此話,手可在額頭前擺如圖的手勢];5)it’s finger-licking good=這玩意真是“吮指美味”啊

real beauty comes from learning, growing, and loving in the ways of life. that is the art of life.真正的美麗源於生命裡的學習、成長和熱愛。這就是的藝術。

money is important, but the responsibility that goes along with this job is what interests me the most.薪水固然重要,但這工作伴隨而來的責任更吸引我.

a smile is like a sim card and life is like a mobile phone. whenever you insert the sim card of a smile, a beautiful day is activated.—— 微笑就如sim卡,而生活好比手機。把微笑的sim卡插入生活的手機,美好的一天就激活瞭。


[如何#回應道歉#的#英語#短句]:當別人道歉,說 i am sorry,你要表達"沒事"/“沒關系”,可以說:1) don't worry about it!;;2) no worries!;3) don't sweat it!;4) no sweat!;5) never mind it!;6) it's all cool!;7) it's okay!;8) it's alright!;9) it's fine!

always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but i never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry. 我知道再回首時,那些眼淚想來可笑;卻不知再回眸時,那些歡聲笑語也能叫我潸然淚下。


love and a cough cannot be hid. 愛情和咳嗽是藏不住的。

growth in wisdom may be exactlyi measured by decrease in bitterness. 智慧的增長可用痛苦的減少來精確衡量。

【morning~】don't expect things to happen. it's better to be surprised, than to be dissapointed——不要對生活抱有太多的期待,與其結果失望,不如收獲意外驚喜。共3頁,當前第1頁123

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