you may think your life is a disaster now, but i know someday you’ll have a beautiful life and you’ll be the sun in someone else’s sky. —— 也許你會覺得現在的生活是一場災難,但總有一天,你會過上幸福的生活,而且你將成為別人心中的太陽。

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【實用口語】1、in your dreams! 作夢吧! 2、money makes the world go around. 有錢好辦事。 3、let it be!/take life as it comes. 順其自然吧! 4、keep it down! 別鬧瞭! 5 、what a great deal! 真劃算! 6、eat your heart out! 羨慕吧!7、how would i know? 我怎麼知道?

love deeply and passionately. you might get hurt, but it’s the only way to live life completely. 深深愛,狠狠愛。也許會受傷,但卻是活出完整人生的不二之法。

let your past make you better, not bitter. 讓你的過去推動你更多成長,而不是增添更多怨恨。

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the greater transitions often cme out of smaller moments.小小的瞬間,通常會成就人生的巨大轉變。when we stop and look at who we are,當我們停下來審視自己時not only we see how far we’ve come我們不僅能看到自己走瞭多遠also how fa we still have to go.也會看到我們還有多遠的路要走。

the one only reason i’m fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.我胖的唯一原因,是太小的身體容納不瞭我飽滿的性格。

女:i hate the fact that you are way taller than me. (討厭你比我高好多)男:trust me there is an advantage in it. (相信我這有好處)女:what?(為神馬?) 男:when i hug you, you can listen to my heart which beats only for you. (我擁抱你時,你能聽到我隻為你動的心跳)

nothing is simpossible, the word itself says “i’m possible”! —— audrey hepburn 一切皆有可能,因為英文“不可能”impossible這詞本身就在說“我能”i’m possible!——奧黛麗赫本

【口語二字句】1)廢話!bullshit! 2)夠瞭!enough! 3)閉嘴!shut up! 4)滾開!get out! 5)好爛!it sucks! 6) 免談!no need to discuss! 7)休想!over my dead body! 8) 沒門!no way! 9) 算瞭!forget it! 10)你敢?you dare? 11)糟瞭!勵志名人名言shit! / fuck!

sometimes, to get the best out of life, you go through some of the worst. no one said it would be easy. be strong. 有時候,為瞭享受生命中最美好的部分,你須要歷盡艱辛。誰說這是輕而易舉的事。挺住。

【這些土掉渣的英文名】aaron=阿榮;echo=二狗;gordon=狗蛋;ada=阿大;kenny=坑泥;dainel=大牛;daisy=大翠;steve=屎娣;simon=栓門;nicole=牛坑;amanda=阿毛大; peter=皮蛋;orson=狗剩;sunny=傻泥;david=大肥;sandra=栓豬兒;candy=坑娣;johnson=長剩;candy=坑娣

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if a girl is silent, it’s dangerous…she’ either:1. over thinking2. tired of waiting3. about to blow up4. needs a hug5. falling apart6. crying inside7. all of the above.如果一個女孩沉默瞭,是很危險的。。她可能:1想多瞭2厭倦瞭等待 3要爆炸瞭4需要擁抱 5崩潰瞭6心在哭泣7以上全部.

【你知道這些武俠人物的英文名嗎?】李莫愁 don’t worry lee ;李尋歡 be happy lee ;常遇春 always meet spring ;楊不悔 no regrets young ;楊逍 happy young ;范遙 far fan ;王重陽 double sun king ;金輪法王 golden wheel-in-law ;謝遜 thankson ;黃藥師 dr. huang


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