there is no royal road to science ,and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of gaining its numinous summits . (karl marx, german revolutionary ) 在科學上沒有平坦的大道,隻有不畏勞苦沿著其崎嶇之路攀登的人,才有希望達到它光輝的頂點。( 德國革命傢 馬克思. k .)

the man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible “. (bonaparte napoleon ,french emperor ) 凡是決心取得勝利的人是從來不說“不可能的”。( 法國皇帝 拿破侖. b.)

to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom .(ronald reagan , american president ) 為瞭保住這最後的、最偉大的自由堡壘,我們必須盡我們所能。(美國總統 裡根. r.)

we cannot always build the future for our youth , but we can build our youth for the future . (franklin roosevelt , american president ) 我們不能總是為我們的青年造就美好未來,但我們能夠為未來造就我們的青年一代。 (美國總統 羅斯福. f.)

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