承諾不瞭她的未來,隻能把她的手一點一點掰開。 could not pledge that her future, can only bit by bit break off hers hand.

請別懷疑我對你的愛,那不是年少輕狂,我知道那是我願意陪你走過一生的勇氣。 please do not suspect that i to your love, that am not young frivolous, i knew that is i is willing to accompany you to pass through the life the courage.

自從你離開,我的生命裡就剩下兩件事可做,尋找你和等待你。 since you leave, in my life is left over two matters to be possible to do, seeks for you and waits for you.

一段感情能給你帶來多大痛苦,就曾給你帶來過多大快樂。 section of sentiments can bring the big pain to you, once brought to you excessively many greatly joyful.

我在這個世界上,走走停停,尋尋覓覓,就是為瞭和你相遇。 i in this world, stop from time to time, search, is meets for and you.

路過是一瞬,錯過是永恒。 as soon as passed by is flickers, misses is eternal.

我有很多回憶是關於你的,可是你偏執的認為你不過是個路人甲。 i have many recollections am about you, but you biased thought that you are the passer-by armor.

你怎會如此大意將你名字放在我心裡沒帶走。 you so will how be negligent your name place i not to carry off at heart.

大部份的痛苦,都是不肯離場的結果,沒有命定的不幸,隻有死不放手的執著。 the major part pain, is not willing to leave the field the result, does not have the destiny misfortune, only then refuses stubbornly rigid which drops.

有沒有人對你說起過。我好不好。你是否笑瞭笑。說那與你無關。 has the human to mention to you. am i good. whether you did smile. said that has nothing to do with you.

cold, give oneself add coat; hungry, give oneself buy a bread; failed, to give yourself a target; in fall, survive heartbreaks and give yourself a tolerant smile. 冷瞭,給自己加件外套;餓瞭,給自己買個面包;失敗瞭,給自己一個目標;跌倒瞭,在傷痛中爬起,並給自己一個寬容的微笑。

沒有什麼過不去,我不相信幸福,我相信你。 anything could not have passed, i do not believe happiness, i believe you.

愛情是兩個人的天荒地老,不是一個人的一廂情願。 love was two people in ancient times, was not a person's one's own wishful thinking.

我懷舊,因為我看不到你和未來。 i remember past times, because i will not look at you and the future.

幸福,就是找一個溫暖的人過一輩子. happy, is looks for a warm person for a lifetime.

在這個世界上總會有一個人,給你一包砒霜你也會當做蜜糖一樣吞下去。 the general meeting has a person in this world, package of white arsenic you will also treat as the honey for you to swallow down equally.

是你不夠執著,還是我給你的不夠深刻。 is you insufficiently rigid, i give you insufficiently profoundly.

one simple happiness, a worldly will grow old. keep a young heart, do a simple people, enjoy sunshine and warmth. life should be so. ——– 人一簡單就快樂,一世故就變老。保持一顆年輕的心,做個簡單的人,享受陽光和溫暖。生活就應當如此。

謝謝你曾經來過,很遺憾你還是走開。 thanked you to come, was very regrettable you to get out of the way.

謝謝你的微笑,曾經慌亂過我的年華。 thanks your smile, had been flurried my time passage.

我用整個生命,隻換未來一眼。 i use the entire life, will only trade in the future one.共3頁,當前第1頁123

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