vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.生命力不但在於堅持下去的能力,還在於從頭再來的能力

experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.人們把自己經歷過的失敗叫做經驗

a confident man may turn the trivial into the great and the mean into the magic.有自信心的人,可以化渺小為偉大,化平庸為神奇

one's real value first rests in to what degree and what sense he liberates from himself.一個人的真正價值首先決定於他在什麼程度上和在什麼意義上從自我解放出來

time is a great teacher,but unfortunately it kills all of his pupils.時間是一位瞭不起的老師,但不幸的是它殺死瞭所有的學生。

in my friend, i find a second self. 在朋友身上,我找到第二個我。

woe to the house where the hen crows and the rooster keeps still.同一屋簷下母雞高啼、雄鷹默然的情景是可悲的

an expert is one who knows more and more about less and less. 所謂專傢就是對越來越少的事情知道得越來越多

one is never as happy or as unhappy as one thinks.人們總願意將自己的快樂或不快樂誇大

【posession diminishes perception of value,immediately 一件東西一旦擁有,便馬上貶值】

you can miss someone who died, you can miss someone who moved away, but the worst is when you miss someone you see everyday——想念逝去的人,想念離開的人都沒問題,最糟糕的是想念一個天天見面的人

loneliness is a person’s micro-blog, and vice versa, while micro-blog is a group of people being lonely. 孤單是一個人的微博、微博是一群人的孤單

it is not the death or pain that is to be dreaded,but the fear of pain or death.並非痛苦和死亡讓人恐懼,我們恐懼的是對痛苦和死亡的恐懼本身

my honour is my life;both grow in one;take honour from me,and my life is done.我的名譽便是我的生命,二者寓於一體;奪去我的名譽,我的生命也就不復存在

the tragedy of life is not that man loses but that he almost wins. 所謂悲劇人生不是指那些失敗者,而是指那些差一點兒就要勝利的人

we should fill ourselves with confidence as we fill ourselves every day with food.我們要以信心充實自己,就像我們每天以食物充實自己一樣

【if a jewel falls into a mire it remains as precious as before;and though dust should ascend to heaven,its former worthlessness will not be altered.寶石即使落在泥潭裡也依舊寶貴;塵土雖然揚到天上,還是沒有價值】

praise,like gold and diamonds,owes its value only through its scarcity.贊美如同金玉鉆石,其價值在於它的稀有

cleverness is seviceable for everything,sufficient for nothing.聰明處處有用,但光是聰明難成一事

there is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy.沒有哪一種激情像嫉妒那樣深植人心

try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.不要為成為一個成功者而努力,而要為做一個有價值的人而努力

no mind is thoroughly well orgnized that is deficient in a sense of humor.缺乏幽默感的頭腦定有其缺陷之處

愛永遠不會嫌晚。it is never too late to fall in love

for many,life's longest mile is the stretch from dependence to independence. 對很多人來說,生命中最長的裡程是從依賴他人到自立的那一段

the essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.不去追求完美才是為人的根本之道

a young girl's first love is like a poem,while an adult woman's love is philosophy.少女的戀情如詩歌,成年婦女的戀愛是哲學共2頁,當前第1頁12

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