consider other men''s troubles

     that will comfort yours

     optimists always picture themselves accomplishing their goals. (lucius anaeus seneca, ancient roman philosopher)
     樂觀主義者總是想象自己實現瞭目標的情景。(古羅馬哲學傢 西尼加 l a)

     perhaps you can''t control your job, but you may be able to make other changes in your life. (alan loy mcginnis ,british writer)
     或許你不能支配自己的工作,但你能夠使生活發生轉變。(英國作傢 麥金尼斯 a l)

     tough–minded optimists approach problems with a can-do philosophy and emerge stronger from tragedies. (lucius annaeus seneca, ancient roman philosopher)
     意志堅強的樂觀主義者用“世上無難事”人生觀來思考問題,越是遭受悲劇打擊,越是表現得堅強。(古羅馬哲學傢 西尼加 l a)

     trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.(h.j.kaier, american businessman)
     困難隻是穿上工作服的機遇。(美國實業傢 凱澤 h j)

     everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the freedom to choose his attitude in any given set of circumstances. (leonhard frand , german novelist)
     我可以拿走人的任何東西,但有一樣東西不行,這就是在特定環境下選擇自己的生活態度的自由。(德國小說傢 弗蘭克 l)

     every tragedy makes heroes of common people. (normna stephens, american writer)
     每場悲劇都會在平凡的人中造就出英雄來。(美國作傢 斯蒂芬斯 n)

mishaps are like knives that either serve us or cut us as we grasp them by the handle or blade.(james russell lowell, american poetess and critic)
     災難就像刀子,握住刀柄就可以為我們服務,拿住刀刃則會割破手。(美國女詩人、批評傢 洛威爾 j r)

     rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation. (john kennedy, american president)
     從希望中得到歡樂,在苦難中保持堅韌。(美國總統 肯尼迪 j)

     sweet are the uses of adversity.(william shakspeare,british playwriter)
     苦盡甘來。(英國劇作傢 莎士比亞 w)

     menander, ancient athenian playwriter
     古雅典劇作傢 米南德
     prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth discover virtue.

     light troubles speak; great troubles keep silent. (lucius annaeus seneneca, ancient roman philosopher)
     小困難,大聲叫嚷;大困難,悶聲不響。(古羅馬哲學傢 尼加 l a)

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