From all of us to all of you at Thanksgiving.我們全體祝你們感恩節快樂。

Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.給你們全傢感恩節的祝福。

Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.在感恩節,衷心地祝福你們。

I wish you could be here on Thanksgiving.但願你能來過感恩節。

It will be sad not to see you during the holiday when families get together.傢人團聚的節日裡,不能看到你,我會感到難過。

Our first Thanksgiving should be our best.我們第一次共度的感恩節是我們最美好的時光。

I wouldn’t want to spend Thanks-giving with anyone else.我隻願和你共度感恩節。

What a wonderful time to be together.在一起的時光多麼快樂。

Thanksgiving just won’t be the same without you.沒有你,感恩節就不會一樣瞭。

This will be our first Thanksgiving apart.這將是我們第一次不在一起過感恩節。

Thanksgiving is a time when I tell you that I love you.感恩節就是我告訴你我愛你的時候。

Thanksgiving is a great time to tell you that we love you kids.孩子們,感恩節這時刻,我們要說:我們都愛你們。

Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year.感恩節是一年中最好的節日。

I love to eat, so I love Thanksgiving.我愛吃,所以我愛感恩節。

I hope you are feeling thankful after your supper.希望你吃過晚飯後有感恩的心情。

I am getting hungry just thinking about it.一想到它我就餓瞭。

I will be home for Thanksgiving, so save a little turkey for me.我會回傢過感恩節,所以請留點兒火雞給我。

Have a MID-FULL Thanksgiving!感恩節請勿暴飲暴食!

Have a FULL Thanksgiving day!感恩節快樂!好好吃一頓吧!

Happy thanks giving day!

For all the days that I have been lonely, for all the times that I have felt blue, for all the times i needed…A shoulder to lean on. Thanks for being there as a friend so true! Happy Thanksgiving! You are the joy of my life.

You are the joy of my life. From the childhood days on through adulthood, the sharing continues! Happy Thanks giving day!

Just dig into the roast turkey. Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A card can say more than a thousand words. Happy Thanks giving day!

Thanks for being there as a friend so true! Happy Thanksgiving! You are the joy of my life.

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